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Hello dear guest!

You seem to have stumbled on the usual "about the author - about the blog" page. I think that in twenty years time it will be viewed by 5 people in total, so I guess you should be chuffed about representing the 20% of the visitors of this very section.

  • About the Athuor

    My name is Lorenzo, but if you are here you already know this, Italian national who had the idea of spending four years in England at the University of Reading and one in Japan at Obirin Daigaku.
    Eventually I have gone back to Pizzaland (Italy), where at the time of writing I am still living. To be honest I believe that this page is going to be the less updated of the whole site, so maybe I am now living somewhere else, who knows! Anyways there are some pictures of me, the classic downloadable Curriculum (both in English and Italian, you never know) and some contacts just in case you want to write to me.

  • About the Blog

    I will try as much as possible to update the blog continously, though I understand that life might not always have aspects worth to tell, I'll try to keep this sort of diary. I beg you to forgive my improper use of English, though I lived there for a long time, the distance is now taking its toll and I can feel that "my powers are weakening (old man)" (to paraphrase Star Wars). Any comments, criticism, sign of appreciation is of course welcome!

  • Special Thanks

    First of all a huge thanks to John Hawkins one of my best friends and main responsible for my presence (yet again) on the net. It was him who trained me to the way of the Blog, and the use of the update engine that we use for this site.
    Then a huge hug to "Sestosenza", friends in Italy, England and Japan. That should be all...

  • Enjoy and Ciao!

    Curriculum Vitae

  • English Version
  • Italian Version

  • I have had the bad idea of writing my e-mail address on the board before, so this time I'll try to prevent some spam to get to me by putting this little image.. Let's hope it does the trick!

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