Francesco's Wedding

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And so that's it! Francesco getting married to Elisa finally! What a day!!

14:48:14 The church before the wedding

14:48:52 Yutta having an apple

14:49:15 Maria Chiara

Yutta and Alessio

14:49:47 Gianfranco

14:51:07 First Oasis picture (where everyone looks to a different object but not on camera)

The stairs that lead to the church

14:52:17 Stefano and Simone

14:52:34 Rita

14:56:41 Matteo

14:56:58 Esperanza

14:57:29 Alessio with a strange looking donkey.

14:58:15 Luca and his faithful camera.

14:59:24 Gianfranco and a closed window, I liked the colours in this pic!

14:59:39 Giovanni and Luca

15:00:23 Mirko and his terribly heavy suit

15:04:52 Talking about old times past...

15:11:48 Federico and Mercogliano in the background

Angela proudly presents "Giulia" who's not out and about yet but it will be soon!

15:13:19 Francesco and his parents finally arrived at the church!

15:13:33 THAT'S MY MAN !!!

15:14:18 More general shots

Stefano, Franz and me. Two best men and the groom.

15:19:16 More of that action.

15:19:51 Francesco again, with a properly cut beard and even nicely combed!

15:22:28 Francesco trying to hid in the midts of the plants

15:46:25 Andrea and his girlfriend

15:49:48 The bride is there! Arrived in the Cinquecento. Lovely!

Francesco is now waiting for her to arrive...

There they are!

The priest (responsible for one of the longest mass I have ever been to), tries to put down tension with some small talk.

The other two "witnesses" on the bride side.

Them again being lectured about love and marriage.

16:00:07 Altar and priest.

16:28:03 This lady had a strange hat (not to talk about the outfit!!)

Ivan does some readings.

Elisa (the bride) friends were in charge of the organ and singing.

16:39:19 More mass blessing occurred...

Elisa is looking at Francesco who went to kiss every relative in the stands, the mass could not go on without him but he didn't seem to care all that much!

There they are again, this time they are man and wife though!

A shot at the stands.

The cerimony is almost over, relaxation occurred!

Stefano was actually moved by the cerimony, he actually shed a couple of tears!


There, there, once you do that you can't go back!

Francesco signing...

Elisa trying to make sure that he actually signs in the correct place!


17:02:00 Veruska, Marco and their son.

17:02:48 "You wanted to have the bike, now start using it!" (the getaway car was hidden conveniently)

17:02:59 This is not the getaway car, but it was nonetheless plastified and filled with balloons.

17:05:01 Getting ready to throw the usual "rice"....

17:05:15 Lasagne, pizzoccheri, Giovanni bought a LOT of different pasta shapes!

17:06:01 The dick shaped pasta came from the bride guests! CLASS!

17:06:34 "mmmmm 1kg of spaghetti or these 20 slices of lasagna? Which one first?"

17:06:48 Mercogliano with some tagliatelle...

17:09:09 Ready to cut the thread...




17:09:16 DESTROY THEM!!!!!

17:09:17 NOW NOW FIRE MORE!!!

17:09:18 And more!

17:09:18 I think that a good 20 kilograms of dried pasta and rice were shot at them!

17:09:35 Mirko doing the usual "sack of rice" event

17:09:48 Ok it's over...

17:10:18 NOT YET! That little cart was full of rice too!

17:10:49 Someone even threw the pasta box at them!

17:11:21 Cleaning up... Francesco's dress was constellated with with spots due to the rice thrown at him.

17:12:01 Now go!

17:16:21 The ring

17:19:45 Trying to open the car.

17:20:46 Taking out balloons...

17:21:07 Since we were putting them back they started blasting them.

18:36:08 We then moved to a different place for more shots!

18:36:25 Lovely props there!

18:39:31 Stefano being totally himself (i.e. stupid!)

18:39:41 No bride no more for you, you are a WIFE now! (dressed as a cat)

18:40:04 Simone with that strange top hat.

18:40:48 Us together, Matteo was missing because he went a different way and didn't find the place!

18:40:56 And again!

18:41:02 More of that action.

18:41:43 Elisa with her friends from Pisa plus Angela

18:44:24 Mandatory wife throwing!

18:45:18 And Husband too!

18:46:05 Now that IS nice!

18:46:28 Simo and Chiara looking lovely.

18:46:48 Ahhhhhhhhhh the kiss!

18:46:54 Don't they look great together!? :D

New couple with Francesco's mother.

Mirko and the lamppost

FINALLY all of us together the old group of friends "sesto senza" reunited!

And more idiotic shots!

Second Oasis picture...

Mmmmmmm nice one.

They started to sing "A whole new world" from the Alladin soundtrack.

Now this.... Simone went behind them and looked totally maniac bloodthirsty, I didn't realize that he was there I saw him only the day after when I was editing the pictures. TOTAL CLASS,this is the best shot by far!

We tried to get him drunk at least!

Stefano and Rita at the table.

We were at the "Spiderman" table!

More general shots at the dinner

And again, all the friends are there!

Man and wife eating.

Nice candles...

Parents and the new family!

Simo and Chiara looking like if they are arguing...


Ohoooo nice one...

Cutting the Cake.

And "pop" goes the champaigne!

Mandatory crossed drink!

"So what now? Throw all these people out!"

Stefano after the dinner plays the "KING OF COFFEES" card.


Stirring (note the pinky finger rised)


YES IT'S SHITE!!! He didn't managed to get a decent one again!

Ivan trying to convince Alessio to get married to Yutta.

Last present for them, some cuddly toys!