Trapping Francesco's Apartment

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While the happy couple was away, we thought it was time to pay the flat a little visit...

Preparations Underway.

Fede, Giova and Mirko taking out the goodies fromthe bag... Where to start?!

First creation had to be a marvellous "Cippa di cazzo" (read: a dick).

Federico proudly presents the creation!

Here we are inflating more goodies. Mirko stretched the long balloons, they were a biatch to inflate!

Giova with the fist "BoNba Merda" (Shit BoNb).

More Giva and the huge balloon.

AHA! Genius at work!

Federico is filling some balloons with flour and rice... Great stuff!

More shapes are created by joining goodies together...

I personally worked on a Marvellous recreation of a Zen Garden, just like they are in Japan.

Me and Mirko doing the "sack". Basically the sheet is folded in a way that it looks normal but instead it is halved and tucked tightly under the bed. So when you enter the bed the feet are trapped half way and it's all terribly uncomfortable.

BLAST!! Giova accidentally bursted a balloon full of flour.

It was good anyways because it made us understand that with just 3 teaspoons of flour the tossic fumes spread in a rather capillar fashion. Maximum damage with little powder.

On the bed (trapped with the sack), we arranged the puppets with some rude comments.

11:22:51 The bathroom filled with balloons, half empty, half full of rice and flour.

Mirko creating a water balloon...

12:04:44 The door to the bedroom was closed and the dick-shaped creations started to be hanged.

12:05:09 Exactely...

12:05:36 This is a HUGE balloon with SEVEN spoons of flour and a lot of rice, the mother of explosives.!!!

12:16:04 Enlarging you should see several threads. We made a "Tibetan Trap" with two rolls of cooking yarn, placed in a way that walking was impossible.

12:16:45 More Tibetan Traps. Do you see the 1kg flour sack hanging from the celing? It is infact linked to the chair in the background, a careless cut of the thread might result in terrible damage!!

12:30:15 The door was closed with the key, and the key was placed into a jar of apricot juice later placed in the freezer! The two signs are riddles to the whereabouts of the keys.

12:41:01 Front door with first trap, the balloon is positioned right next to that plaque on the door, when someone enters the plaque (with nails) puntures the balloon for maximum scary effect!

12:58:18 It was not enough, under the Tibetan Trap we placed 100 plasic cups filled with water to the very top, even touching them to slightly move them would spill the liquid. The dick shaped plasit cup thing could not be missed.