Barbeque at Stefano's Place

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A Sunday night we were invited by Stefano at a barbeque at his place.

Elisa preparing something...

Simone and Chiara chatting away

MATIS! Stefano's dog was the star of the evening.

20:49:54 That's the barbeque getting ready.

Francesco drinking some wine


Chiara being rather hungry.

Stefano it tellingus that Rita will be late

Chiara, Francesco and Stefano talking.

20:54:11 The table, salad and mozzarella starters were already there for the taking...

More pictures of the table, Elisa is there too this time!

More Franz and Elisa on the left, while Stefano and Simone argue about somehting.

Me and Chiara.

Franz and some blue sky.

20:56:06 Franz and Elisa and the blue sky.

And again!

Chiara, close up.

The table from far away.

21:07:04 Francesco is grilling some meat.

21:07:27 And again but without the smoke!

Eating away...

Rita finally arrived, perfect on time for the meat to be served!

21:12:13 Ahhhhh steaks and sausages!