Weekend in Paris

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Me and Chiara taking a break for two days in Paris.

17:48:40 Here is Chiara fiddling with my Ipod. She never used one before...

17:50:19 Chiara on the train to Pisa.

10:12:39 A view from the house in Paris, the inner court looks medieval, great stuff!

10:13:09 A close up.

10:21:25 I loved these three windows...

11:20:14 Me trying to hang myself with the scarf.

11:42:12 The house of Spices (apparently).

11:42:23 There you go!

11:45:31 This is meant to be famous, but I forgot the name.

11:47:13 Nice fountains, makes a difference with the ones that we get here in Italy.

11:47:46 Ahhhhh looks like the character in Nightmare before Christmas.

11:48:30 Me and Chiara in an autoshot.

11:50:35 Pompidu center. Full of tubes...

11:59:17 This is Saint Eustache. I have tried to make a "professional" shot taking out any modern bit around the church.

12:03:58 Chiara looking somewhere...

12:06:01 Ahhh nice fruit and vegetables stand near St.Eustache church.

12:07:39 It was prior the final presidential elections in France, I took this picture to one of the candidates.

12:24:03 Five minutes after, this is the same wall, I swear FIVE MINUTES!

12:24:31 More fruit stands..

12:38:49 St.Eustache from the inside. Lovely glass work!

More of that...

12:39:40 The church is quite "tall", very beautiful gothic style.

There were a lot of these chairs, it is quite different from the usual "benches" that you normally get in other churches.

More glass work, really beautiful!

12:45:17 A pulpit made of wood.

12:46:05 I dare say that this is a chorus, but I am not sure. Stll quite beautiful.

12:46:28 Chiara and the chairs.

12:50:20 Me and Chiara in yet another self made shot (holding the camera in front of us).

12:51:35 St.Eustache from outside.

This is the inner part of Notre Dame. Finally I amanged to go inside to see it!!

17:20:28 Impressice glass works here too!

More shots at the colums and glass work.

Joanne D'Arc.

Chiara and a funny thing... The priest behind her is giving a confession to a guy who walked inside the glass box. The strange thing is that they sit at a table looking at each other, while normally confession is done "anonymously"...

17:32:44 Adam and Eve, some of the stone sculptures outside are very beautiful and detailed!

A fancy shot of some sculptures.

17:33:29 A baphomet, typical in gothic style churches, in France (because of the Templars) there are a lot of them, Marvellous! Pagan symbols in churches!

17:36:32 Notre Dame from outside.

17:57:16 I liked this picture, a brasserie with some locals.

18:34:06 Another great shot at glass works, this time in St.Germain.

20:34:40 Me and Chiara at the flat.

20:35:38 Chiara kept stealing my camera to take pictures of me. I quite hate being featured in pictures...

20:35:47 And again...

10:10:19 Ahhhh This shop is heaven, I would have bought everything if I had the money!

10:15:38 A shot stolen while out gone to buy some bread, the little kid didn't see me taking it, I like it!

Me and Chiara in front of a mirror.

And again.

13:31:33 This is l'Hotel de Ville.

13:31:58 Chiara and the street.

13:34:15 More Hotel de Ville.

13:40:17 Some flowers.

13:40:44 Chiara looking tired!

13:41:56 Nice flower!

15:03:33 Inside the Orsay Museum.

15:03:44 And again.

15:04:24 Close up!

15:31:02 I loved this painting!

15:38:55 And this one!

16:33:24 Gaugain, one of the most famous paintings he's even made.

16:36:30 Another impressionist work of art!

16:44:40 This cat is simply GREAT, I love it, it looks like if it is smiling!

16:44:56 Can you see the cat?

17:20:29 Chiara and the Senne

17:21:07 Me looking drunk!

22:34:14 At the restaurant...

Chiara at the restaurant, a nice Brasserie near the flat!

Me at the same place...

Inner shot of the restaurant...

Place Vendomme (I think)... at night.

11:36:08 Pompidu center

11:46:04 Some fire policemen at work.

11:49:08 No need explaination here..

11:53:01 These guys were simply great, I shot a movie with them singing but is far too big to post it!

12:41:36 Chiara again while eating steak and french fries (the latter not in the picture).

16:03:20 Spot the MOUSE in the picture... This was taken at the Orly airport near a bar... Nuff said...