Wedding Paola

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Paola getting married, I have spent all my summer holidays with her and her family when I was a kid, so I had to go!

10:16:35 The church prior to the wedding.

10:16:51 A nice flower...

10:19:16 My dad.

10:21:29 The entrance of the church.

10:21:45 The groom is waiting impatiently...

10:46:02 Walking to the altar...

10:49:16 Paola and her father walk through the door!

10:49:29 More walking pics.

10:49:41 And again.

11:07:11 Finally at the altar.

11:07:23 The ceremony was quite quick, I appreciated it a lot!

11:07:36 About to exchange rings.

11:08:04 Blessing away!

11:10:35 Another altar picture.

11:13:37 And again.

11:14:24 Giacomo and Mimma, Paola's parents.

11:27:05 Windows...

11:35:26 Church is full..

11:36:35 Signing the contract.

11:38:47 And again.

11:39:20 KISS!!!!

11:42:06 Out they come for some rice action.

11:42:07 Looks like Davide wants to eat it!

11:42:07 More rice is thrown..

11:42:08 And again.

11:42:12 Have a guess!

11:42:13 Yeah yeah the usual thing.

11:42:13 More of that...

11:42:22 About to start all the kissing and best wishes ritual.

11:42:33 A close up shot.

11:43:01 Giacomo looks quite happy!

11:43:08 Very distinct!

11:43:24 Hugging.

11:46:43 Their kid, I forgot his name though...

11:47:17 Paola, she looked beautiful!

11:47:46 I loved this picture, the guy in the suit and the yellow wall...

11:48:36 More pictures of the bride!

11:53:55 Assembly before the church.

11:54:07 The church itself.

11:54:19 More pics of people talking.

11:55:02 Paola and her sister (purple dress).

11:55:25 And again.

11:56:19 More of that.

11:56:43 The two sisters and respective husbands are there!