Maiali in Collina

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"Pigs on the Hill" the annual pork meat eating fest that Luca organizes at his countryside house.

18:38:12 Me, Francesco, Gianfranco and Elisa going to "Collina"

19:21:37 I think her name was Camilla or something similar...

19:21:52 Luca, our host for the day, he is the one who thought and made "Maiali in Collina" real.

19:22:31 General shot at people waiting...

19:24:14 Luana looking hungry.

19:24:52 More random shots of the garden.

19:25:37 Mirko and Giovanni...

19:25:46 Luca looking terribly GAY! :D

19:26:15 Gianfranco.

19:27:58 A violet.

19:29:12 Giovanni, Fabio and Francesco chatting and eating away...

19:39:02 The barbeque is about to start.

19:39:15 People.

19:41:24 Francesco close up.

19:42:06 Same with Fabio!

20:23:59 Angela and Ivan arrived (Angela's baby is due next week!!)

20:25:34 Waiting for the meat to be placed on the BBQ

20:28:01 Angela.

20:33:14 More Angela shots.

20:33:33 And again, she was quite the attraction of the evening.

20:59:20 Starters....

21:00:09 The Table!

21:00:17 Ivan wants to EAT!

21:01:32 There was some pasta and some schiacciata but nobody really took much interest in it...

21:02:51 Ivan cutting some Salame.

21:02:56 And Angela putting a jumper, it was rather cold.

21:17:51 Starters are served!

21:40:05 We then continued with these pork chops and steaks.

21:40:34 Some sausages...

22:42:10 Pork chops and ribs on the fire!