Enoshima Island

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Day spent in Enoshima with my friend Yukifrom the office.

04:22:48 Flowerpots and railways... what an image!

04:23:12 The Kamakura station, all made of wood.

04:28:23 A strange tree

04:28:32 Entrance of a very famous shrine which now I don't remember the name of...

04:29:21 Details of the main entrance.

04:34:43 Inside the writing room

04:48:39 The Kanjii sheet, there are grey kanji that need to be written over. It's a prayer to the gods of mercy.

04:51:51 Yuki writing the kanji...

05:21:51 Me doing the same thing...

05:26:21 A frog!

05:30:47 Inside the caves there are more statues of the gods but you need to really bend to enter...

05:32:21 These small statues are there to bring money to the ones who bought them... A bit of a contradiction there...

05:43:31 I love this shot, Red umbrella, breen bamboo and the roof...

05:54:41 Another shot of the vegetation plus stone saying something...

06:03:55 I also love this one, taken right in the midst of the bamboo trees pointing upwards!

06:20:26 Flowers of unknown species but rather beautiful.

06:20:49 Violet thingy although it's not a violet...

06:26:14 Buddist monk and automatic vending machines, what a clash of worlds!

07:08:53 Enoshima main street

07:14:01 A rather big gate welcomes us to the log walk to get to the other side of the island.

07:14:56 Yuki with the towel over her head, it was really hot that day!!

07:23:31 A cat minding his business, we tried to make him move just to annoy him, but it wouldn't... With all that fur the heat must have been unbeareable!

07:38:26 Our lunch, a rather great "Kai-nantoka-don" where "nantoka" means that I don't remember the word, while Kai is shells and don is the rice underneath...

08:20:38 Rocks...

08:20:44 Yuki at the balcony looking the rocks.

08:25:12 More tree action.

08:32:16 A nice reminder that tsunami is infact a Japanese word...

08:38:21 Waves crushing on the cliff.

08:40:06 And again

09:11:59 I swear I thought that this was an automated dog, but it was real really..

09:20:17 Enoshima Beer!!

11:34:07 Yuki and a nice little bridge.

11:34:45 Look at this tree!! Lovely!

11:38:49 Staris leading to the biggest shrine of Kamakura.

11:44:07 Unfortunately it was already closed...

11:47:50 A street with lanterns.

11:49:30 Me walking...

12:44:44 Couldn't avoid taking this one, it's an insult to my city!!! (yet again)

15:40:54 Yokohama panoramic wheel shot A

15:40:55 Shot B

15:40:56 Shot C