Giulia's Birht

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Giulia is the newborn of Ivan and Angela, we were there to meet her for the first time!

19:48:35 Ivan, the NEW father!!

19:48:40 More Ivan shots, he was so overjoyed with Giulia being born.

19:48:45 And again.

19:49:52 Here she is, Angela, unlike Ivan she was quite "shaken" by the whole experience, her tale was enough to understand why...

19:51:42 Ivan and his nephew.

19:51:51 And again.

19:51:57 Ivan is already learning how to play with kids!

19:52:33 More Angela telling us about the birth.

20:06:26 There was a huge crowd of people lining up to see the babies.

20:17:56 There she is, Giulia, more or less 1 and half day old.

20:18:09 I have tried very hard to take a picture of her, the crowd was really piling up at the window, in this shot I got a Chinese kid thinking that it was Giulia instead...

20:19:13 There she is!

20:19:55 Now this is a decent one! on the left hand side. Lovely lady!