Etna Volcano and Trapani

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The first day saw a quite heavy trip, around 300km in the end, but it was worth the rush. In the morning we left Siracusa quite early and headed towards Mount Etna, a volcano that is still active. There we stopped in Zafferana Etnea, famous for the honey production, where we bought some souvenirs and we then moved towards the top of Mount Etna at around 2000mts. From there there is a further ride (this time on the cable car) to get near the chimneys, but we stopped there. The volcano is quite a view, it's almos "lunar". We then moved to Taormina, the main dish of the day, city of art. The Greek Theatre was really stunning, like the rest of the city, which is far too crowded for my likeings but it is to be expected in such a beautiful place. After eating a great "CANNOLO" and "GRANITA" we left to go back to Siracusa.

18:21:25 A nice stone wheel at the country house where we were sleeping.

18:21:47 Chiara and some flowers.

20:56:22 Late night shot of one of the main churches in Siracusa. I love this pic!

20:57:23 And this one must probably be one of the best of the holiday, the guy is playing his armonica under the street lamp, very "lonely" in a way. Love it!!

08:34:11 Chiara having breakfast.

09:14:30 A house near Terrauzza, the small village where we had the room.

09:56:33 An abandoned castle like construction. I believe that it was quite "new", but still it puzzled me at the time to see such a building abandoned.

11:09:15 Main suqare at Zafferana Etnea, neat Mount Etna.

11:10:11 The city hall.

11:10:37 The main Dome at Zafferana.

11:17:35 Little garden with fountain.

11:28:47 Some people in the main square, a stolen shot.

12:15:23 Mount Etna and the mouth of the volcano.

12:24:20 The landscape looks really strange...

12:25:54 A bit like the moon but with vegetation.

12:31:10 Near the top there are some estinguished chimneys.

12:41:48 There!

12:50:53 Me and the void behind...

13:31:57 Two abandoned country houses, the lava arrived near here during one of the past eruptions...

15:28:39 Taormina and the most famous greek theatre.

15:30:25 Astonishing look behind the stage, ancient greeks really knew their stuff!

15:32:45 More scenery shots.

15:35:47 Me and Chiara looking at the stage bit. It must be a great experience to assist at a performance here!

15:38:24 Sea or Sky?

15:40:32 Chiara and some landscape at Taormina.

15:42:27 I don't know the name of this fruit, we call it "Fico d'India", in Sicily there are lots of them!

15:44:27 Taormina bay.

15:54:20 And Taormina city from the theatre side.

16:00:55 A carpenter is preparing some woodwork for the show.

16:02:21 More theatre shots.

16:13:19 Inside Taormina, look at that plant!!

16:24:36 Vases.

16:26:39 This square, believe me or not was PACKED with people, I just waited the right time to take the shot, it looks like there is noone!

16:27:07 The main church in Taormina.

16:29:15 Inside the baroque church.

16:34:50 Chiara on some stone steps.

16:35:31 Flowers of various kinds...

16:36:12 And Again.

16:36:50 Look at the pottery on the house it's all painted by hand!

16:42:56 Another church in Taormina.

16:50:54 Chiara under a huge tree.

16:59:41 A red cat.

17:06:14 Chiara is a very narrow alley!

17:08:12 Stolen shot at a street vendor.. I actually like this pic too!

17:23:48 Another fancy house in Taormina.

17:33:02 Chiara eating a "granita" (finely ground ice with fruit), a specialty in Sicily and among all the ones that we have had this was the best!

17:41:44 The "granita" shop.

17:55:12 A house... How elegant!

19:14:41 In Aci Trezza we found this strange boat!

19:17:51 These boulders apparently where shot by the cyclops after Ulysses escaped Polyfemus.

19:29:48 Fisherman boats.

19:32:10 Some locals.

19:35:20 More Fisherman Boats.