Dinner at Fabio and Luana

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A dinner at Fabio and Luana's place

Here is Romeo, Fabio and Luana's cat... Lovely red feline, very friendly and not scared of foreign people.

Gnudi in the making (this is the filling of Ravioli, without the fresh pasta around it)

Fabio, Giova and some people setting up the food.

Luana is busy with the marvelous pesto voul-a-vent

Lovely hand soap...

Now garnishing croutons with a typical Tuscan liver sauce.

More Romeo shots

Federico presents the portable wedding pictures album that Francesco and Elisa made. Quite a clever idea.

Liver croutons are ready...

Angela, Giulia and Ivan trying to stop Giulia from watching TV.

Look at the picture of how the cake was MEANT to be, and how it is really...

Eating away,,,

Nice hat!

Giulia sleeping.

Closer shot