Giulia Baptism

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Giulia getting Baptised, a moment to be all together!

Giova proudly displaying the "Money Cat" (as in the money is inside the beast)

Francesco and Luana signing the card...

The priest is starting the mass.

Close up while reading the Bible.

Ivan, Angela and little Giulia ready to be baptized.

Once again the priest sitting while someone reads some passage of the Bible.

More picture of the family...

And again.

The church from the very front. It was packed, we had to stand up all the time.

Mr. priest is sleeping there...

AHA! gotcha!

The reception after the ceremony.

Ivan is busy working with the chips.

This is Angela'sister, Nadia, qith Giulia.

Chiara looking tired...

Giulia up close.

And again, I am sure that she wondered what was all the fuss about.

Marco and his son Nicholas.

Ivan reading the card aloud.

Opening the presents, it's always a great experience!

And the other present (pair of earrings)

Trying to interest his nephews to the joys of opening presents (that I believe they know VERY WELL)

And finally another baby!

Some confetti, and off we go!