Christmas Dinner 2007

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Dinner on the 24th at Chiara's parents house.

Close shot of the centerpiece.

The Christmas tree.

Chiara doing something in the kitchen.

Chiara and her father cooking.

The starter, sliced smoked salmon and swordfish.

Chiara's mum and Nicola, Chiara's brother.

The table.

I like this little thing that they have on the wall.

Chiara wearing a rather cold jumper.

Chiara's father cutting the hen, the cat is VERY interested.

More cat being interested in the food.

Yes it smells great!

People busy doing stuff.

Chiara's aunt feeding the beast!

Chiara took a whole afternoon to make the tree...

This is the uncle! Great man!

All together busy opening presents!

More pictures of the present opening.

I loved this ball, very christmasy picture here!

On the sofa.

The cat joined us eventually.

More cat and present opening.

And again, Nicola doesn't look impressed.

Ahhhhh he's upset because there are no presents for him!

Chiara showing a pair of earrings.

Nicola playing Dr.House.

Chiara and the cat.

A lovely retro lamp.