Christmas Dinner 2007

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Traditional Christmas Dinner with all friends in Florence.

The table before the storm (food storm that is)...

Fede, Fabio and Franz

Mirko and Merco talking about something...

Again we have Federico and Francesco with a quite peculiar face.

The menu was translated with one of the worst english that I have ever seen.

ELENA!!! Straight from Switzerland (where she lives now)

Angela, Ivan and little Giulia opening some presents.

Clearly the mental age of the father is quite in touch with the one of his doughter.

Amusement in Gianfranco, Fabio and Luana

Giulia looking devilish.

Ivan is unstoppable the fashion show continues!

Leo and Elena, both "foreigners" as they do not live in Italy anymore, Leo lives in Norway, working for Nokia.

Franz and Elisa choosing something to eat.

Leo, his girlfriend and in the background Ivan devouring something...

Giulia and Angela!

And again.

Luca looking FAT! :D

Luana and Fabio... How nice... :P

Ivan and Giulia walking around.

Giulia is learning fast from Ivan, she eats everything that comes remotely close to her, including her hands!

Oooooooooooooo nice one!

Pic from below.

Walking on the table.

Chatting about something femaleish which we do not want to know.

How good are those two espressions? I mean how much worse can a picture be?

Merco feeling fatherish.

Luca shows his IQ, while other people look at Elena's camera.

Luana and Fabio again... They were sitting close to me so they made a perfect target for pictures.

Fede carrying Giulia.

But she CLEARLY doesn't like it!! :P

Elena and Elisa catching up on things.

Gianfranco and Giovanni looking ready to go party (read: to bed)