Matrimonio Fabio e Cami

Matrimonio Fabio e Cami

Saturday 26th January 2008

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13:04:19 In the Red Room at Palazzo Vecchio, where three years ago Matteo got married..13:05:48 Reading the contract terms of the marriage!13:10:07 Now giving away autographs to make it official!

13:10:19 Chiara looks different with that hairdo! 13:10:33 More listening...13:13:05 The official pointed out the fact that the chandelier was special...

13:16:44 EEHHH!!! You've done it! Congrats Fabio and Cami!13:18:52 Of cours SOMEONE could not take it...13:23:20 The bride with some friend...

13:37:46 Fabio is NOT impressed...13:43:08 Coming out....13:43:11 And the usual fire of rice!! Notice the pigeons in the picture, they ate ALL the rice afterwards...

13:43:11 More rice throwing...13:43:25 STOP IT WILL 'YA!!13:43:58 Now that's better!

13:44:07 And again...13:44:11 Ritual kiss in front of the cameras!13:44:40 What now?

13:47:36 More poses!14:30:59 The bouquet up close and personal...14:31:06 The restaurant where we went...

14:36:28 Two of the guests at our table, actually the people sitting with us were real cool!14:37:25 Fabio came to greet us and of course he had to down in one a glass of wine...14:40:01 Camilla and the girls at the table.

14:40:43 Cami and Ncicola, Chaira's brother.14:46:34 Eating away...16:05:05 Daniel using a very sophisticated camera here!

16:37:19 Chiara looking happy!17:15:18 He liked the wine so he kept coming!17:31:59 Cakes are served!

17:33:36 17:33:51 17:34:25 the ritual cut of the cake, they had a bit of choice there...

17:35:07 And there you go!17:36:05 Drinking together...17:36:12 And there we are! Cheers!!

18:15:09 Then there was the ritual launch of the bouquet, FORTUNATELY Chaira did not get it!!18:15:21 And then she seems relieved about it! (so did I)...18:21:24 There you are the married couple!!!

18:21:59 Thanking the chef that had been really really great, one of the best receptions I have ever been to!