Hong Kong and Taipei

Hong Kong and Taipei

Thursday 06th - Monday 10th March 2008

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14:13:37 World Trade Center in Hong Kong!14:14:12 Kitty CHAN! 14:15:48 More busy Hong Kong streets...

02:38:09 What a lovely Palace!12:08:29 In Italian that means "Ass Face Jeans"... Nuff said.12:56:12 Eating at a very famous Aussie steak house... mmmmmmh..

05:26:23 At the science museum, you cannot appreciate that the water droplets are actually going upwards thanks to some optical effect.06:00:17 Mirrors of mirrors of mirrors...06:05:42 That's me cut in half!

07:08:40 This nice gizmo run all through the museum, eventually the red balls that you see in that bowl down there started going around, it was quite amazing.07:09:35 More of that thing.07:43:19 Hong Kong bay.

07:48:25 More of the HK bay.07:48:59 The statue of Bruce Lee on the promenade.07:50:30 I think that there was a marriage going on there!

07:55:50 More Hong Kong bay views, I think that CNN is using a shot of the bay on their news intros.07:55:58 More of that...07:56:29 And again.

08:02:07 Mmmm I think I got carried away here!08:02:46 Promenade on the bay, there were a lot of people on that Sunday.08:03:15 Bell tower, it's apparently one of the most famous views in Hong Kong.

08:03:50 Palm trees.08:07:57 The ferry boat, thought the subway goes under the sea the ferry is still working.08:08:29 I think it is the congress palace here... a HUGE building...

08:09:28 More of that!08:10:13 I loved the little boats and the huge skyscraper!08:15:32 Waiting for the ferry.

08:46:11 Terrible Hong Kong traffic... 08:46:33 The city is very "new" but there are also a lot of old buildings, quite nasty actually...08:18:20 TAIWAN - Here I am having dinner at HOOTERS!

08:30:22 TAIWAN - More of that HOOTERS! action13:36:10 TAIWAN - Night market with a lot of marvellous food on sale!13:46:40 You choose the stick and then they barbecue it for you!

13:46:55 More stall action.14:42:09 Look at the colours, they are so strong!14:43:00 More stalls, this one sells a lot of different meaty things that you put in boiling water and eat (a bit like ODEN in Japan).