Thailand in January

Thailand in January

Thursday 31st January - Sunday 03rd February 2008

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15:04:34 A nice ceiling at the Four Seasons Hotel in Bangkok15:06:00 More hotel bits and pieces.15:11:39 Close by there was a shrine crowded with people.

15:15:24 I think it must be some Buddhist god/ess15:16:40 A coconut milk vendor15:18:35 There were a lot of stalls selling flower crowns, quite beautiful.

15:22:57 The shrine from the above.15:26:05 More coconut milk and juices stalls. 15:29:09 A tuk.tuk!

15:34:08 Selling food on the street it's quite normal in Thailand.15:34:46 And again.15:34:58 All these pictures have been taken from a "Sky Passage", the pavements are really crowded and dirty, but quite picturesque.

15:36:21 Typical traffic shot. bangkok has a very HIGH density of cars. 15:41:59 How lovely! :D Loved the colours in this shot.15:44:01 Siam Paragon shopping center, this picture looks like Tokyo.

16:44:58 A crowded alley.17:30:01 ARRGGGGG!! The typical way of saluting in Thailand has been copied by Ronald!17:33:31 That shrine from before again...

17:34:15 With less people around it felt more polite to take pictures now..12:41:21 A funny tree.15:20:31 Restaurants in the night.

15:21:02 Our client took me here to have dinner, a typical Thai place, quite nice I have to say!05:55:09 More pictures at the hotel.06:29:37 At the "Weekend Market" a typical thai place.

06:33:25 The market is HUGE (30 acres) and you can find almost anything in it...06:33:39 It's all covered, crammed and small.06:35:50 How good is this picture!! :D

06:41:27 Wood items. I have tried to look for this shop before leaving and I could not find it at all! The place is a real maze!07:03:46 Hungry?07:09:29 More food stalls.

07:09:41 Pottery, food, fashion... You can find pretty much anything here!07:09:59 Typical dried fish, the stench in this area was bordering unbearable. 07:11:32 Errrrr.... A typical refrigerator? Health regulations anyone?!

07:11:37 Well I guess she was boiling the meat before serving it...07:26:27 You can buy also animals, if PETA saw this they would probably bomb the market...07:26:43 Nuff said...

07:27:42 Inside these plastic bags there are small FISH!!07:28:08 Here just plants..07:30:12 Can you see the squirrel on the man's arm?

07:31:55 They are probably trying to cook the chicken in the sunlight... Poor animal..07:57:06 Lots of birds!09:26:39 Guy trying to be a real cowboy!

09:47:05 Look how nice!! The fruit is made of wood!15:25:45 Royal palace at night over the river.15:27:14 And again.

04:48:56 The morning after I was going to see that palace...04:49:13 Unfortunately the sister of the king died recently and there are a lot of people going to pay their respects from all over Thailand.04:50:33 Thai guard.

04:57:03 Inside the palace the visit starts with the "shrines and temples" bit.04:57:54 Wooooo impressive! Everything here is made with little pottery pieces, it's really a form of art that I had never seen before...04:58:27 More votive bits and pieces, the buildings are really tall and colorful, quite marvelous.

04:58:55 A close shot.04:59:14 More guardians...05:00:01 This is meant to be a reliquary.

05:00:19 The main temple from the side.05:00:45 Every structure has a different shape. You do not get bored FOR SURE!05:00:59 More reliquary action.

05:01:39 I liked the green and the shapes of the trees.05:02:11 Golden chiseled gate.05:02:21 Closeup, note that the electric blue colours in the background stand out a lot... And that day was cloudy!

05:02:39 More details.05:03:27 Not sure what this building is...05:04:03 Lovely....

05:04:15 I was trying to get a prospective here but didn't work it out a lot...05:04:26 How great are these colours!? I love the tiling that Thai people used for these palaces. 05:05:14 Buddha in the foreground with some extremely complicated building at the back...

05:05:36 AAAARRGGGG... And what are you!?05:06:23 I see... they are guarding this place!05:06:42 The sun started to come out, the golden bits start to shine massively!

05:07:00 More Buddha and gold. 05:07:53 Main temple again.05:09:40 These are the outer walls, I love the colour combinations a lot here.

05:10:23 This must be the best shot of the tour.05:11:27 Another temple.05:11:49 More rooftop action.

05:11:59 That is the complicated temple that we had before...There must be a BILLION pottery roses attached to it...05:12:21 And again.05:13:12 The place is guarded by these evil things.

05:13:28 More closeups of the pottery, it's truly fascinating.05:14:08 Lots of golden touches.05:14:21 Sun is out, that electric blue is coming out at last!

05:18:37 Closeup of that incredibly complicated building.05:20:01 Nice little thing...05:20:08 This one is not so happy about having to hold a 30 meters structure...

05:20:20 So many details everywhere...05:20:58 Another monster, coming straight from the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons manuals!05:24:37 People were leaving these flowers as an offer, I guess for the death of the princess...

05:25:47 MMMMM Lovely!05:25:54 Time to steal some shots at people doing their own things...05:29:23 I was interviewed by these kids. Actually it was a good way to get a picture of me too!

05:30:15 Probably the most uninspired construction here...05:30:47 This is the runner up in terms of greatest picture of this tour!05:33:23 Those guys from before.

05:35:27 A little bucolic scene...05:37:55 More stolen moments.05:42:28 We had to wait outside because apparently the king was going somewhere and of course we could not come close.

05:43:41 This is the royal palace.06:05:07 See the guards overthere?06:06:23 More palace and guards.

06:06:49 This is the building net to the palace.06:07:32 And this is where the sister of the king has been buried. 06:22:32 Going to Wat-Pho, I stopped to buy some juice. Incidentally I got the red one, made of horseradish...

06:29:18 The way to the Wat-Pho was full of people selling stuff, or sleeping...06:31:14 Street market.06:34:20 The Wat-Pho, temple of the Reclining Buddha.

06:34:30 More street vendors (they started staring badly at me so I stopped taking pictures)...06:36:50 Nice entrance.06:40:19 This temple is much more "green" there are a lot of trees.

06:40:44 How cool is that!? :D06:41:10 A small shrine.06:41:25 All over the place there are these small constructions, similar to small pyramids made of pottery.

06:42:25 And here are the big brothers (at least 30/40 meters tall), impressive.06:44:00 Buddha at one of the smaller shrines.06:44:26 More general action at the temple.

06:45:03 Entering the tall constructions bit.06:45:17 Wooooooooooo06:45:56 Really beautiful.

06:46:10 Closeup of the workmanship.06:46:20 Nice one!06:47:41 Everything is made of these pottery bits.

06:48:10 Note the ratio human/building....06:48:31 Finally sun was out!06:50:10 Rooftops are still my favorites!

06:51:29 Not sure what they said on that notice...06:52:28 Ceiling....06:53:31 Another smaller Buddha.

06:57:15 More rooftops and lovely constructions.06:57:23 The tiling glitters when the sun is out, lovely effect, it really looks as if it was made of gold!07:03:27 This was meant to be a very important shrine, you can tell by the altar and Buddha.

07:04:01 Closeup of the statue.07:07:38 Not sure what this is...07:07:41 And another random shot..

07:14:14 Finally the Reclining Buddha.07:14:26 Impressive statue.07:15:09 Really cool idea, having the statue "lie" for 30 meters.

07:16:23 Look at this!07:16:50 On the soles of the Buddha there is a mother of pearl mosaic. 07:17:01 I guess it tells some story of the world or something similar...

07:17:37 People were putting small change in these cups, making a very eerie sound that spread all through the temple... Quite nice!