Elio e le Storie Tese

Elio e le Storie Tese

Tuesday 22nd April 2008

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21:12:50 Francesco awaiting the concert to begin!!21:13:00 Francesco and Elisa looking happy.21:13:11 Me and Federico looking quite ugly.

21:13:24 Aaaahhhh the three FANS of Elio are here!21:20:50 The concert begins..21:21:29 Elio singing.

21:22:33 More stage pics.21:23:28 And again.21:23:40 I loved the light here.

21:24:22 Faso (bass player) and Christian Mayer (drummer)21:28:35 More colourful lights!21:42:26 YES, MANGONI dressed as a Pepper!

21:42:55 Solo from Elio.21:50:40 Mangoni in the center dressed in white.22:07:17 More Mangoni action, this time dressed as a Bulgarian spy.

22:11:29 Dressed as Zorro trying to stab Faso.22:11:37 Closeup!22:23:09 Here Mangoni is a kid that listens to Heavy Metal and then suicides in the end.

22:26:55 Fake guitar solo from Mangoni!22:33:37 And finally SUPERGIONAVE (Superyouth).22:35:25

22:37:17 22:37:37 Mangoni doesn't sing, he just disrupts the concert with these characters!22:38:03 GENIUS!

23:08:53 The end23:09:26 More Elio and Mangoni23:09:54 Rocco Tanica and Elio