Meeting in London with John

Meeting in London with John

Thursday 10th - Friday 11th April 2008

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21:26:42 Here is John eating at the Korean restaurant!21:32:05 Chie and John at the Cittie of Yorke21:26:44 I loved this bit of the Cittie of Yorke, the sky outside was sooooo blue...

21:26:45 Taddy Porter it was the first time I had it, it was quite great and John told me the story about it!22:17:18 More Cittie of Yorke shots, the pub is now one of my favourite together with The Mitre...22:27:44 And here we are at the Mitre!

22:28:12 Me and John looking serious... In reality we wanted to look gay, but it didn't quite work out.. :P