Thursday 24th - Sunday 27th April 2008

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10:33:54 Blocked on the motorway for some accident...10:34:26 Chiara in the car...16:23:17 Marvellous view from our room.

16:35:18 Sails and sea... lovely...17:48:32 Chaira on the way back to the hotel after some thermal baths!18:28:12 Ye olde fisherman!

18:32:45 Chiara up close!!18:49:51 Me, Gianfranco and Silvio. On the back a place called "DROGA" which means "drugs" in Italian.19:00:01 Some fake old looking boats...

19:00:58 Silvio, Chiara and Gianfranco studying the guide.19:55:02 At the restaurant "Stavro Sidro" (the old anchor), Gianranco with some soup, Chiara with some assorted clams and mussels.19:55:38 The full table!!

11:48:41 Some horses at the Croatian border.12:44:40 HOW STUPID IS THAT!!?12:50:06 Nice little village called Rovigno, took a lot from Venice.

13:05:31 Ahhh flowers and colorful windows!13:07:49 The group all together, Gianfranco, Federico, Fabio (kneeling), Ilaria, Silvio, Jessica and Chiara.13:11:59 Main (and only) church in Rovigno.

13:15:51 Cool stuff, boats really sail next to the houses!13:20:47 Ahhh lovely colour contrast (or at least I thought so).13:36:23 Dom Perignon on the rocks!

13:36:35 Silvio, Fabio and Ilaria chatting...13:39:08 Some nice door.13:41:30 Chiara peering inside a house.

13:44:52 There was some commotion to change some money into Croatian Krones...13:46:11 More stone arches.14:07:26 Lovely collection of Honyed foodstuff!

14:11:09 I love this picture!! :D14:19:06 The "guy" wanted to be features in more shots.14:19:44 And again!

14:21:46 Actually he was only hungry, a huge fight ensued!14:22:52 Chiara is scared of the fighting seagulls!15:36:44 The Church in Porec.

15:50:37 Porec is important for the abbey, very very old!15:51:29 Inside the atrium 15:51:57 The church.

15:53:10 This is where people were baptized.15:53:45 More Abbey shots.22:17:14 Me and Chiara at the cake place.

22:23:40 An orchid.22:26:38 Do I have to comment?22:26:47 Do I have to comment?

22:28:11 This was mine!!22:28:17 Do I have to comment?22:28:27 Do I have to comment?

22:28:40 Do I have to comment?09:43:47 Ahhhhh nice one!10:48:07 Grand Hotel Bernardine, our place in Portorose.

10:49:02 Some flowers.11:45:14 Going to Hrastovlje...11:51:37 The Hrastovlje church is surrounded by walls.

11:54:31 Looks like a fortress!11:55:04 There was no other tourist there... Marvellous!11:56:41 Silvio and Gianfranco spotted these wild orchids!

11:57:40 The belltower looking scary.11:58:38 Chiara in the woods around the church. 11:59:06 This shot looks like a fortress.

12:00:48 Gianfranco, Silvio and Chiara.12:05:31 More orchids action, this one is different.12:07:14 Me!

12:08:41 Yet another orchid, Gianfranco and Silvio knew all the names (of course)....12:13:19 Belltower and inner walls.12:18:54 This is the main attraction of the church, the "Macabre Dance", where 14 skeletons take 14 different people to the grave.

12:19:57 More church interiors. The altar is from the IVth Century!!12:29:16 This is the end of the "Macabre Dance", the last 2 people are the King and the Pope.12:31:32 Lovely little church here!

12:34:06 Look at the columns they are all uneven...12:35:44 Facade of the church of Hrastovlje12:37:07 More castle look and vegetation.

12:39:01 And yet again another form of orchid. 12:39:34 Walls and vegetation.12:39:49 Gianfranco, Silvio and Chiara scouting for more flowers!

13:06:49 The restaurant in Hrastovlje was simply great. Cheap, abundant top quality food. The bread here was freshly baked for us!14:51:49 Hrastovlje from the hilltop!14:53:09 Chiara on the hilltop!

15:47:32 Here we are in Pirano, next to Portorose.15:47:51 A famous Slovenian composer.15:48:26 Green house (gas)...

15:48:49 This house is very Venetian looking!15:49:52 Look at these windows, they are great!15:50:17 Playing chess in a sunny day!

15:54:10 Another very Venetian looking house!16:11:23 Old fisherman getting ready for a trip!16:26:29 Chiara displays a very ugly looking vase that she just bought!

16:26:50 Silvio had to barter a coffee for the chance of evacuating his bowels! That's the bar owner there opening the door of the bathroom...19:55:58 This is a bit naff... this ruins are clearly fake and were built next to the hotel casino...19:57:29 Sunset here...

00:00:32 Fabio, Federico and Silvio playing roulette. Fede and Silvio lost some money that night...00:11:12 On the contrary me, Chiara and Gianfranco won some money, mostly thanks to Chiara who got a single number right (36 times the bet)... Number TWENTYSIX!!! :D