Malta and its Knights!

Malta and its Knights!

Tuesday 20th - Thursday 22nd May 2008

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20:33:33 The view from my hotel room.11:41:05 Same in the morning...17:37:43 Guy destroying the pavement...

17:42:31 Modern looking hotel. It was situated right above a set of disco/pubs... I wonder about the clients at night...18:08:13 Malta does look a bit run down in some places...18:08:28 A nice castle-type-thing.

20:24:36 Sunset...21:16:20 Here is me watching the Champions League final in a pub. 11:40:01 Riding a bus (note the open door).

11:40:31 There are a lot of these coaches for tourists. 11:57:09 Some of the architecture is quite stunning.12:07:27 Look at these windows!!

12:16:58 Fountain in front of La Valletta.12:17:18 The main entrance of La Valletta, it looks a bit like Fascist architecture as we have in Italy. 12:17:41 The walls of La Valletta.

12:19:03 On the main street there were a lot of nice looking houses.12:20:37 The building must have been property of some Italian judging from the plate there..12:21:14 Main street at La Valletta.

12:22:31 A Church.12:23:35 Little closeup of this bit of the church. I loved the contrast with the blue sky...12:25:02 Entrance to some government building.

12:25:29 In Malta people take seriously the flag and the country!12:30:01 Side entrance of the St.John's Cathedral. 12:30:29 Around the Cathedral.

12:40:19 The Cathedral is a splendid example of Baroque art. 12:41:01 The Knights of Malta built the Cathedral and embellished it. This is the French chapel (dedicated to the French knights). 12:44:54 There are also a lot of tombs belonging to the Grand Masters of the order of the knights of Malta.

12:45:19 Main nave, it's really stunning!!!12:46:07 On the floor there are a lot of tombs for the knights that died. 12:47:30 More details, not the cross of Malta at the center of the pillars.

12:47:48 Ahhhhhh nice detail!12:50:38 The epitaph on a tomb.12:51:25 This is the Italian chapel, there is a painting from Caravaggio (top right) here!

12:51:52 More Italian chapel.12:53:04 One of the important Grand Masters.12:54:52 think it's an incense holder, made in silver.

12:55:03 The main altar.12:55:24 And again with some details of the background.12:56:48 More altar.

12:59:47 Yet another Grandmaster (Spanish one this time)13:02:21 Note that the tombs of the Grand Masters are extremely well made.13:08:42 A painted Cross.

13:23:09 More balcony action.13:24:35 The good part of this church is that there are a lot of symbols that have to do little with christianity... Look at the skull here!13:37:00 I loved this, it looks like Mexico!

13:37:16 Some veggies!14:29:04 Buses are especially nice in Malta!14:36:01 Inner bit.

14:36:14 And the bus in its splendor!