Ruralia 2008

Ruralia 2008

Sunday 25th May 2008

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Maison de Stuff

14:25:53 Sheep!14:26:26 Chiara is really happy to see so many animals...14:26:48 A sleepy sheep.

14:28:17 "Cinta Senese" pigs. They are used to make one of the greatest types of salami!14:28:33 Well they are still small, but when they grow up... (yummy!)14:30:04 Cows.

14:31:20 A calf.14:32:08 There Chiara tries to feed her hand to the calf.14:32:32 Me trying to kill the beast for not having bitten Chiara's hand (see previous pic).

14:32:41 The beast is now realizing the terrible mistake.14:34:07 This bull's got BALLS!!14:35:40 Nice one!

14:45:21 A beehive!14:47:04 The bee with the yellow spot is the queen!14:50:35 Here there are some strange cockerels and hen-type animals...

14:51:11 This guy was HUGE.14:52:36 Also this one...14:53:08 This other guy was very tranquil, he would let anyone stroke him.. Nice!

15:16:09 The grey snake looks like the branches where he's sleeping over... scary!15:16:18 Royal Pyton.15:22:55 This is the guy out of the cage. I had it climbing over my shoulder and right arm. I like snakes a lot!

15:45:47 Appennino is the name of the statue at Dermidoff Villa (the park where the fair took place)