Asia Trip in June

Asia Trip in June

Monday 23rd June - Wednesday 02nd July 2008

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15:09:02 Hong Kong by night.15:09:18 And again but close up!14:30:46 A busy restaurant in Hong Kong.

12:01:11 Here we are at Fukui in Japan.12:01:36 Marvellous flowers!12:01:52 Close up.

12:02:09 And more.12:03:08 And again! But different species!12:12:19 The corridors of the ryoukan where we stayed.

12:16:35 Typical Japanese window in our room.12:17:13 The washitzu (or Japanese style room)12:17:21 Another angle.

12:19:10 Rare picture of me sitting at the table.13:07:23 Tsubo-san, Keiko-san and mighty Kutsunugi-san at the dinner table.13:08:55 Keiko, Kutsunugi san and me!

13:09:44 Me and Tsubo-san, he looks like a samurai in this pic!13:10:14 Some edibles here.13:11:07 The tempura dish, note the beautiful rice paper!

13:11:41 A sort of appetizer sushi-looking dish13:11:48 Another appetizer!13:12:39 The four of us at the table (with mandatory beer)

13:24:31 Kutsunugi san opening a VERY EXPENSIVE sake bottle (made in Fukui, one of the best places for rice and sake)13:24:40 Close up of this marvel.13:29:49 This fish is called "black throat"

13:42:20 Kutsunugi san eating another fish (rive fish that is)13:42:28 The fish in question.13:49:43 Me devouring the thing!

14:46:55 Some cakes!15:59:07 Time to play some Takkyu (table tennis). Keiko won the torunament after a very long final match against myself!16:43:51 More corridors in the ryokan.

16:45:29 Forest at night.17:09:32 Futon ready!17:10:39 The spa rooms at night.

17:12:23 This is the name of our room00:00:22 The forest at dawn (I could not sleep)00:06:30 A fake old style Japanese fireplace...

00:08:02 The onsen room early in the morning... simply beautiful!00:08:27 More details of the onsen, steam piling up on the camera...00:08:57 More onsen shots, this time a picture close to the water...

00:11:34 Out of the sauna, there are a lot of flowers around this ryokan!00:12:54 Waterfall!00:13:04 When you say that the ryokan is immersed in the forest....

00:13:40 Morning sky.00:14:32 More hotel in the forest shots.00:15:52 Ghetas....

00:20:32 The corridors again!00:21:19 Pine trees from below.00:21:50 Lovely flower in the middle of the forest!

00:21:58 That's that flower from below too.00:22:12 Closeup of the lily...00:24:04 More room names.

05:27:06 This is Tsubo-san factory, quite interesting since everything is made of wood!!05:27:36 Silk getting ready to be spinned.05:28:43 More factory shots.

06:04:57 Outside the factory there are some onions to dry...06:05:04 Getting ready to go!08:35:34 Here I am in Osaka at a very nice ramen shop.

04:53:05 Random people in Tokyo.04:54:41 More random people in Tokyo.05:06:56 Love this one shot!

05:16:17 More random people.05:16:43 A VERY YOUNG trainspotter!14:11:24 Chiafeng, Becky, Eric and myself in Taipei!

14:20:36 Tapei 101 - a great view!14:22:18 Close up of the tallest skyscraper in the world!