Saturday 09th - Wednesday 13th August 2008


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19:50:05 The Castle of Carcassonne from distance19:50:55 Nice little bridge20:06:24 Lovely Towers near the moat

20:09:33 Me right at the entrance!20:11:32 Panoramic of the sun setting on Carcassonne20:12:29 Our restaurant of choice for the evening...

20:12:48 Lovely light on this building 20:21:46 The castle inside the walls20:22:14 Me and Chiara

20:25:43 Silvio, Gianfranco, Chiara and me21:01:43 Gianfranco and Chiara over the Cassoulet22:02:20 At nightfall

22:17:54 Love this shot in the house is really cool11:05:26 Inside the main castle in the morning11:07:31 Reflecting trees...

11:20:31 One of the turrets 11:28:48 More fortifications12:06:58 How good is this sign!? :D

12:34:15 Carcassonne from the barbicans 12:34:42 How nice is this cat? :D12:35:57 One of the few spots not crowded with people...

12:40:01 Chiara in front of some Hotel that she liked12:43:08 I guess I wanted to be poetic here... :P14:48:03 Marvellous glasswork

20:12:52 At St.Emilion, wineyards and historic buildings!21:40:01 In the evening we had this massive meal based on Duck, Fois Gras and fresh raisins22:37:14 The main church at St. Emilion at night

09:43:00 The church of Sauternes from a wineyard!09:43:53 Chiara assessing the freshness of the grapes10:29:11 Here we are at our first visit of a Sauternes producer

10:37:34 Lots of bottles stacked...11:30:53 The village of Sauternes11:32:17 And so that you believe that I have been there!!

11:41:45 Another visit at a Sauternes Chateaux, Chateaux Giraud.12:01:28 Quite stunning the way it is all kept perfectly12:18:12 Wine vats

12:23:42 And some wine barrels13:00:32 Close up of a grape13:15:25 Chateaux d'Yqqem, unfortunately you cannot visit the most famous producer of Sauternes...

13:19:11 Lovely little door... 13:39:15 It was a shame for the wearther, but the views are really nice!14:50:49 Alleged UNESCO patrimony, this abbey was quite dull...

14:51:39 More Abbey14:55:27 The main entrance must have been quite big judging from the size of the people that stand next to it..15:02:15 Shots from the belltower

15:03:50 The four of us on top15:13:51 And another view16:44:28 Some barrels at Chateaux Champions, a truly great producer (and wine)

17:28:33 A big bee (which we call "BOMBO", loosely translatable is "HE BOMB")...20:29:13 The view from our room at Chateaux du Roc, in St. Emilion.08:58:15 St.Emilion early in the morning

10:10:54 Raining and cold, surely not the summer that we expected!10:27:18 Entering the catacombs at St.Emilion10:45:44 The arches on the left are tombs, here we are in the dungeons!

10:46:39 Dead bodies were lowered from this opening in the ceiling10:47:03 One of the tombs up close10:58:52 Inside the church (build inside a cave, a true novelty and masterpiece!)

11:00:47 We were not allowed to take pictures (technically)...11:02:59 More bits inside the church11:17:32 A random Chateaux on the way to Arcachon

14:23:49 The dune of Archachon is the biggest in Europe (3Km long)14:29:03 Quite scary!14:33:42 Chiara and the dune

14:39:14 Some incivils drew a fallic symbol on the sand I wonder who it might have been!!....14:57:37 With SUN out this picture could have been great, unfortuntely...19:22:37 Bordeaux Cathedral

19:23:22 Main Entrance of the church19:50:11 Central Theatre 20:00:22 It said on the guides that this statue ws nice so we went to take a look

20:00:57 As a matter of fact the fountain is quite stunning20:02:19 Especially the horses!07:20:45 Chateaux du Roc, our hotel in St.Emilion for three days

09:04:31 Lovely typical french boat09:07:18 Bergerac and its houses...09:08:41 And again

09:09:29 And Again09:12:32 Do you note the Cyrano statue on the bottom right corner?09:25:23 Cheese!

09:36:29 The market was quite lively09:38:45 And full of interesting colours and smells!11:26:22 Here Chiara is tring to grope a duck to feel its bowels

11:27:42 Ducks and Geese11:30:17 Very small ducklings11:34:52 An exemplar

11:39:53 Goose posing for the camera!11:41:08 Geese, they walk at the unison and are terribly loud!11:51:15 The man shows me the set of teeth that the geese have on the tongue

12:10:41 A quick demonstration of how they feed the animals12:11:15 There you go. Although it might seem brutal in this farm they try to make it as easier as possible on the animals.