Wednesday 13th - Saturday 16th August 2008


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15:43:25 Rocamadour from distance, beautiful! 16:27:26 Chiara and Silvio overlooking the castle from the hotel bedrooms16:54:16 Underneath the church

16:57:35 More pictures from below16:58:50 The entrance to the church bit17:00:57 Here we are, it looks like a medioeval fort!

17:03:19 Some glassworks17:03:37 This is the copy of the statue of the black Virgin Mary one of the attractions of Rocamadour17:10:27 Chiara leaning from a balcony

17:24:53 The castle from outside, you almost cannot see the city below!17:31:30 Well maybe city is a bit too much, let's say village! 17:36:30 The four of us on the ramparts!

17:38:17 The church seen from the castle17:42:18 Chiara was knackered! 18:06:11 Walking down towards the village

18:24:57 Silvio eating some "churros"22:16:23 Castle at night...22:34:55 And the walls too...

22:41:45 Quite nice light they have put here!22:44:32 Here we are, cold, tired and quite heavy after a very good meal22:48:46 Church bit at nightfall

22:54:56 I love this picture, I can sense a vampire appearing any time now! :D23:05:16 Chara walking down the stairs...23:09:33 Us somewhere inside the fort

23:12:07 Moon and walls...23:52:12 And again, but more distant...07:57:30 In the morning I woke up and this was the first thing I have seen after opening the shutters!

11:15:09 A very old organ at Salrat's Cathedral11:15:49 Chiara and Silvio reading the guide11:18:42 One of the oldest houses in Sarlat

11:25:47 Rose with water...11:26:54 Sarlat is full of houses like those. You neve know if they have been rebuilt or if they are real, but they are surely impressive!11:28:16 This monument is known as the "Lantern of the Dead"

12:01:53 More funky houses...12:54:17 We then stopped for some food...12:54:34 :D

12:54:55 MAMMA MIA, stolen shot!!17:20:09 Here we are in Cahors at the famous fortified bridge17:21:40 Nice red flower...

17:21:54 More bridge action17:25:33 And some flower and bridge one!17:33:46 I love the colours in this one!

17:47:37 The dome of Cahors Cathedral17:59:45 We ventured into the cloister to find some interesting spots!18:01:12 Like these

18:01:53 And there...18:06:46 Ok not everything was interesting!!20:15:22 Meal in the evening, Silvio and Gianfranco got some kebab type food

20:16:06 Me and Chiara went for a much more classic "steak and frites"21:19:40 Silvio is betting that after such a good meal the coffee will be THE "KING OF COFFEES" 21:20:09 Marvellous cake that I ordered...

21:20:24 Back with Silvio, he's now tasting the brew...21:20:28 No, bet lost, it was NOT the king of coffees, not even the squire of coffees to be honest...22:17:17 Cahors bridge at night, I almost took this shot from the water surface!

22:36:36 Bridge tower at night22:42:39 More bridge at night action10:55:40 Here we are at Peche Merle, the caves have some prehistoric drawings inside

11:02:46 Together with the drawings the caves are absolutely stunning!11:35:33 More pics of the caves11:39:59 That black thing coming down from the celing is actually a root!!

15:07:14 Chiara sleeping15:39:31 Some wind powered fans16:14:40 Viaduct in Millau, Central Pyrenees, the longest in Europe

16:25:46 2 Km long and 400 meters high, quite stunning16:41:21 More viaduct action here...20:11:42 Saint Affrique Church

20:11:51 And the bridge too...20:12:36 Lovely purple flower!10:26:56 Here we are in the caves of Roquefort, the famous cheese!

10:30:02 More pictures of the cheese resting in the cellars...