Trip to Rome

Trip to Rome

Saturday 11th - Sunday 12th October 2008

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Maison de Stuff

10:42:53 Federico and Chiara doing stuff in the morning...10:43:16 Here is Federico sleeping on the couch.10:43:57 Cristina who doesn't want to be photographed by me!

10:44:47 Uriel one of the dogs of the household!10:45:24 Nana is the other doggy. Quite lively and nice though Cristina told me that she's a devil!12:19:28 Going around Rome... Nuff said!

13:02:21 Marvellous church of which I forgot the name!13:02:45 Close up of the roof...13:02:57 Tito, Chiara and Cristina walking around in Rome.

13:03:18 Nice icon on the top of the belltower.13:03:34 You WHAT!?!?14:10:11 Me and Tito didn't see each other in AGES (10 years maybe)?

14:10:14 Ahhhhh that's it, looking at our best!14:10:52 More shots of the two of us, Tito is really one of my best friends...14:11:13 Chiara and Cristina are eating a lovely mushroom, while Fede looks gealous!

14:59:54 Another shot at the table.15:11:00 Tito's mum has got a lovely house in the center of Rome, here are some pictures of the view.15:11:09 I quite like this one...

15:20:46 Chiara showing something on the mobile phone.15:21:22 Alcohol and Cristina!15:22:36 Getting ready to go out for a walk in the the main bits of Rome.

16:01:44 These signs are VERY OLD, I didn't see them in ages...16:06:47 Tito and Chiara.16:16:01 This church is totally great! Look at the houses around it!

16:16:16 Wow!16:16:26 More shots in the streets of Rome.16:21:25 Apparently this square is used for markets... Well the rubbish was there!

16:42:20 French Embassy, what a building!16:42:54 Tried to get some water action here..16:44:37 Inside the church there were many nuns.

17:13:40 More Cathedral happening, there are seven in Rome. 17:17:09 Love this picture! The books belong to a Vatican library apprently. 17:35:24 This is meant to be an important column depicting the life of one of Rome's Emperors, of whom I can't remember the name now (Adriano?)

17:37:17 Carabinieri...17:37:33 This is the parliament building!17:37:41 Cristina and Tito talking away

17:45:19 One of Rome most famous bars.17:51:26 The Pantheon!17:52:52 Chiara liked these houses so I took a shot...

17:53:00 Looking closer the drawings there are quite nice.17:55:13 We were quite lucky and the Pantheon was open that day (usually is closed)18:32:27 More random pictures...

20:19:56 Tito does the barman thing!20:31:16 Eating an aperitif...20:46:25 Nana and the barbeque

20:46:50 The last one to appear was Riccardo, my cousin. It was a VERY long time that I didn't see him too!20:47:13 Fede, Nana and the Barbecue 20:48:01 More BBQ pictures...

21:13:26 Remembering old times gone...21:31:38 All together in a shot (finally)21:32:06 But this one is MUCH better!

21:58:21 Barbecued cow and Tito...23:55:04 Cristina and Chiara looking drunk...23:55:18 Yes definiately! :D

23:55:51 Playing pool at Cristina's place!23:56:09 Me and Tito were teaming together.23:56:40 Eventually we lost the first match, but won the other two!

23:56:44 Mmmmm difficult shot here...23:56:50 Paparazzi are a bad thing!!23:57:26 Fede and Tito.

23:57:50 Me looking concentrated.23:59:34 Same goes for Federico00:02:30 And Riccardo...

00:02:35 Here we realized that we could not win...00:04:30 Show off!!!00:55:13 Here is the second match...

13:33:58 Cristina with her cat at my aunt house.13:35:11 Family Picture!! Aunt Patrizia is in there too!!