New Year's Eve 2008

New Year's Eve 2008

Wednesday 31st December 2008 - Thursday 01st January 2009

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Maison de Stuff

21:12:46 Kitchen and Dining area.21:12:56 Laura!21:19:50 Federico working on the tuscan style "crostini"

21:20:09 Chiara21:20:38 That's another Chiara, a new addition from Laura and Luca!21:21:04 Gianfranco

21:28:21 Luca and little Chiara!21:35:22 Luca playing old granny...21:36:39 All the boyz around the little one...

21:36:56 Peeling a huge amount of fruit...21:37:13 Boyz and little Chiara once more...21:55:53 The peeled fruit was used extensively with the juicer, a real star of the eveining for the second year in a row!

22:00:59 Me playing around with the juicer (well... being the owner..)22:01:08 More Gianfranco after some strange concoction...22:01:21 More juicer action...

22:08:01 Little Chiara is having her meal as well!!22:08:33 Waiting for the entrees to be served...22:10:02 Some of the stuff that was on the table...

22:56:03 A very nice fish wrapped in a smoked pork ham. Very nice indeed!23:04:21 I think that we were half a way through the meal...23:09:31 Sheperd's Pie, my own contribution to the dinner...

23:09:41 More Sheperd's pie action...23:09:45 Ah the cook...23:29:58 Me and Mirko serving.

23:30:02 Me again trying to cut the pie...23:30:32 Wooo a lot of stuff in that plate!23:31:14 Francesco and Elisa, the two house owners.

23:32:06 Eating the pie...23:32:21 And again...00:29:07 Adding some sugar to a ginger scented coffee...

00:29:28 Fabio and Luana made this cake!00:29:46 Ahhhhhh finally we can start some games...00:30:19 Luana working on the coffee

00:30:23 Chiara biting her nails!!01:04:38 And some mandatory fireworks!!