A weekend in Tuscany

A weekend in Tuscany

Saturday 03rd - Sunday 04th January 2009

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13:11:21 A new desktop picture perhaps? 13:12:41 I loved this tree sooooo much!13:28:23 Tower building at Monte Maggiore Abbey.

13:32:40 The Abbey itself. Renewed.13:36:12 Some artistic wannabe picture...didn't come all that well...13:38:29 Old wooden chairs in the church.

13:53:34 I liked the ravine.13:57:06 I think this must be some owen...13:57:25 Ahhhhh interesting doors.

14:36:11 Tower at the Montalcino castle.14:37:25 Montalcino rooftops.14:42:12 This is a courtyard inside a house.

14:42:34 And that would be Chiara.14:45:01 Very old Cinquecento!14:45:33 A bell-tower in Montalcino.

14:49:18 I am not sure what this place is, I guess a church but....14:51:42 Doors again.14:53:48 Montalcino biggest church from the distance.

14:55:24 I liked this detail.15:34:14 Our lunch.16:15:22 Countryside composition near San Quirico.

16:17:36 A very interesting shot in San Quirico.16:18:50 Lovely little restaurant!16:21:22 This garden is meant to be special...

16:24:25 Mmmm I like this shot better than the next one!16:24:50 Yeah definiately, the other one is nicer!16:38:14 The main church in San Quirico.

16:38:25 Belltower.17:16:03 Here we are in Pienza, I loved this street!17:16:59 Main Cathedral in Pienza, beautiful little town. Not the fire in the middle of the street.

17:17:28 Though the day was bitterly cold this little fire was doing wonders in terms of heating people. It must have been something that they used to do also in the middle ages!17:20:31 Belltower at Pienza, sun setting...17:28:16 More Pienza streets, here we have a cheese vendor (cheese is the main thing in Pienza).

18:37:43 A cafe in Montepulciano, very old style.18:38:08 We loved it, great athmosphere and good chocolate!19:31:29 Sun is gone, but I managed to fiddle with the camera to get this shot.

19:39:41 And this one, note Chiara's ghost in the bottom right corner!!20:54:59 Our room in Piazza.12:30:05 S.Casciano dei Bagni the spa place.

12:40:08 Frozen grass...12:43:19 Here we were wallking towards the natural "free" spa.12:47:21 There it is, the cute bird in the picture is a feature of the shot itself :D

12:48:19 I love this shot! :D14:29:24 That is me at the spa resort place...14:40:56 A thermal spa waterfall with lots of mist and fog... :D

14:41:14 And again!14:41:49 The spa hotel. 14:44:16 More waterfall action...