Business Trip Asia in June

Business Trip Asia in June

Thursday 11th June - Sunday 05th July 2009

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16:40:24 The big Pagoda in Yangoon by night.08:57:56 Tropical storms are pretty bad, look at the results...09:58:37 People riding the bus (yes the bus is the truck)

09:59:51 And people carrying stuff around the city.10:00:55 Nice one! In the middle of the street with bare feet.10:33:59 More means of transportation.

10:47:32 Colonial buildings everywhere11:54:12 And very old cars too...12:09:02 typical everyday scene in Myanmar

12:14:02 Nice stolen portrait...12:17:10 they were selling something... not sure what though..08:18:25 Bikes are everywhere in Yangoon.

08:20:47 Want some? 08:21:13 More bus action :D08:27:14 Another stolen moment of life in Yangoon...

08:56:29 Monks are also everywhere!08:58:38 Local fast food chainstore!08:58:45 And waiters are also dressing in the local ways.

09:15:22 Fresh coconuts maybe?09:19:30 More colonial architecture.09:22:34 A shop near one of the temples.

09:23:30 Government offices.09:29:48 Lady is sleeping on the JOB!! (tobacconist)...09:32:24 A sign in Yangoon.

09:34:30 More "modern" and residential area...10:50:18 Going to the main pagoda, called Shwedagon.10:52:50 Inside you have to remove the shoes and walk up a very long corridor.

10:53:19 And there are a lot of statues too.10:55:20 First part of the corridor. Also full of shops.11:01:24 Clearly it had to start raining!! :(

11:05:35 But I didn't let that stop me and went through the pouring rain anyways!11:05:44 The main Pagoda, the whole dome is coated in gold leaves. 11:05:53 I told you it was raining a lot, I had to roll up my trousers too...

11:06:04 Unfortunately she covered her face, it would have been a great picture!11:06:19 Rooftops at Shwedagon.11:09:56 Again the main pagoda with some clear sky.

11:10:13 The architecture is very similar to what you get in Thailand, but here is much bigger and quite impressive...11:11:36 Pagoda and other chimneys..11:11:44 The walk is aroung the central Pagoda, there are four entrances/exits to the site.

11:12:52 Some side temples.11:14:31 With a bit of sun it would have been marvellous...11:14:40 Elephants!!

11:15:02 Guy praying.11:15:20 the pgaoda again.11:16:05 Apparently in Mandalay there is a temple that it's compeltely white. Like these small pagodas here.

11:16:17 Local lady collecting thrash I presume...11:17:11 That lighting effect there is quite of a turn down because everything looks so old and that certainly isn't. Oh well...10:00:46 More chimneys.

11:17:52 Details...11:20:21 Local version of going to church I guess!11:23:33 Walking down towards the exit.

11:31:50 The exit.11:31:56 Monks on the street.11:34:41 Entrance to some important palace.

11:35:16 Running a business here can be hard...11:35:32 Waiting for the bus.11:35:54 Look at how old is it! There are some very old cars around Yangoon.

11:36:53 Trying to squeeze inside the bus/truck...11:38:30 House..11:38:53 Loved the colour effect here!

11:39:29 They are quite poor to be honest... Some places are really run down.11:40:13 Or like here...11:50:01 More temples

11:50:18 This one was all shiny, as if it was made of silver.11:55:30 A local small shrine.11:56:32 It's a shame because the full size picture is blurred, but I loved this shot. Comments are not needed...

09:40:09 Local market action.12:06:03 And again.12:06:11 More local Market.

12:06:45 Colonial houses come from the English occupation.12:07:04 Some vendors have very little to offer...12:07:43 Like this guy...

12:08:10 Better, mangoes!09:39:51 Selling fried up stuff... 02:44:57 Rooftops of Yangon.

03:06:58 Some signs03:07:11 And military patrolling of course!12:44:08 MALAYSIA - The house of my distributor... Impressive.

12:44:20 MALAYSIA - And his bonsai collection12:44:37 MALAYSIA - More bonsai collection12:44:50 MALAYSIA - More bonsai collection

12:45:02 MALAYSIA - More bonsai collection12:45:12 MALAYSIA - More bonsai collection07:42:35 INDONESIA - Police checks all the entrances of modern and richer places to prevent terrorist attacks.

10:01:47 INDONESIA - My hotel10:07:02 INDONESIA - Orchids.11:55:38 INDONESIA - The Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta. Impressive.

11:55:48 INDONESIA - Every side and part of the mosque has a kabalistic meaning to do either with Qur'an or Indonesia.11:57:03 INDONESIA - The main part of the mosque, the heart of Islamic credo is summarized in those three golden bits.12:02:41 INDONESIA - Drum used to call people to prayers.

12:02:50 INDONESIA - Another mean of calling.12:03:40 INDONESIA - BISMILLAH means "in the name of God" and apparently is written there...12:04:36 INDONESIA - Detail of the Drum.

12:04:52 INDONESIA - More of that.12:05:07 INDONESIA - The mosque can have up to 150.000 people INSIDE it's premises.12:06:16 INDONESIA - The Minaret where the Muezzin calls the people to the parayers.

12:16:51 INDONESIA - Outside the mosque.12:16:55 INDONESIA - Istiqlal mosque is the THRID biggest mosque in the world, after Mecca and Medina of course.12:17:10 INDONESIA - Right in front of the mosque, literally 10 meters away there is the biggest cathedral in Indonesia! :D

12:19:04 INDONESIA - Inside the cathedral12:20:06 INDONESIA - More inside shots at the cathedral.12:31:37 INDONESIA - Three on a moped, kid without helmet, but apparently to my clients this is normal, I have seen up to FOUR people with no helmet, but he told me that it can go easily up to SIX...

13:20:07 INDONESIA - Another face of Indonesia, the rich weddings..13:20:52 INDONESIA - And more of that.02:13:36 INDONESIA - Leaving to Hong Kong early in the morning.

02:14:53 INDONESIA - Ready to start the day.16:10:51 HONG KONG - Temple Street restaurant!16:11:02 HONG KONG - Ok the subject is BROCCOLI, but it's nicely presented...

10:00:44 HONG KONG - Some live shells15:55:47 HONG KONG - The weather was SO BLOODY HUMID that the lenses of my camera got really foggy due to condense...15:59:54 HONG KONG - Nevertheless some shots are nice! :D

16:05:23 HONG KONG - A lonely bench...10:00:45 HONG KONG - And a very bright red sign.16:14:12 HONG KONG - My usual experiments with exposure timing...

08:59:38 SHANGHAI - I THINK it's the TV station here... :P09:11:37 SHANGHAI - Lina referred to that building as the BOTTLE OPENER BUILDING...09:11:52 SHANGHAI - More Shanghai action.

13:04:44 SHANGHAI - I found that this sign was a bit bad really... I mean the face there is a little sad and it actually means that the kitchens are not ALL that great... Oh well.12:40:12 SHANGHAI - A fake plastic tree.. 02:44:09 KYOTO - Main station.

02:44:33 KYOTO - Kids gathering for the day out.. Nice!