Jordan Holidays

Jordan Holidays

Sunday 09th - Tuesday 18th August 2009

Lox's Pictures
Maison de Stuff

09:54:34 Interesting09:56:12 Typical Jordan truck11:46:56 The Adrian Arch in Jerash

12:21:11 The main Forum in the Jerash Decalopolis12:22:30 The ruins are roman, this is the best preserved Roman city in the Middle East.12:24:43 Poetic shot at the theatre stairs.

12:27:26 Chiara and some steps.12:28:24 Kids playing with drums.12:37:47 More columns, outlining the Decumano (one of the main streets in Roman cities).

12:49:27 Shot at a colum in the Artemis Temple.12:51:19 These colums have been left like these for centuries, and still, despite looking quite unstable they are still there.12:57:05 Artemis Steps from the top.

13:05:39 Interesting...13:09:06 There another sign!13:10:49 Jordan family and the ruins.

13:11:04 This is meant to be a well.13:36:40 A Roman "show" took place...13:40:59 Chiara in her typical habitat.

13:41:09 Some women with burka and chador. 14:37:58 Cofee (or tea) guy!17:33:27 Palms over the Dead Sea.

18:00:22 Me and Chiara with the Dead Sea Sunset.09:38:55 Dead Sea and Hamamat Ma'in are far below the sea level.10:26:01 Pool in Hamamat Ma'in, 50 degrees celsius, quite unbeareable.

10:33:48 One of the waterfalls at the spa, too hot to bathe in winter though.10:35:24 Close shot...10:43:33 This other waterfall, being taller, was ok to dive under. Quite an experience!

10:58:59 There you go!11:00:47 Inside the waterfall there is a sort of natural sauna room...11:00:55 Waterfall from the inside!

11:12:36 And that's it, the taller waterfall...12:04:28 Camel.12:06:49 Female on camel.

12:08:25 Female and adventorous type on camels. 12:58:19 Chiara and the Jordan River.13:04:10 This is meant to be the Bapthism site of Jesus.

13:19:47 Ortodox Church.13:20:48 Going closer to Jorda River.13:21:25 Jordan Flag

15:56:09 Dead Sea: Women dressed up having a swim (or a float, rather)...16:22:04 Me covered in Dead sea Mud pretending to eat a piece of salt!16:30:50 Nice shot of a herd of sheep.

16:31:49 Part of a truck?15:50:33 Chiara floating and reading!!15:55:02 Undoubtly a VERY PECULIAR experience...

16:20:56 Chiara covered in mud displays the salt rock that I found.09:36:32 Madaba, mosaics in the church.09:37:12 Madaba: The mosaic represents all the middle east, it's a huge map. This is meant to be Jerusalem.

09:44:47 Close up of a fish!09:47:18 The Church itself.09:51:57 Streets in Madaba.

11:12:21 Main mosque in Madaba.11:20:48 Shoe shop?!12:16:17 Butcher!! (or fly breeder, whatever strikes your fancy)...

12:16:52 You can buy a chicken and they will slaughter it in front of you to take home. It doesn't get fresher than this!!12:20:47 Cathedral in Madaba, looks great but we could not enter.12:21:06 Poetic shot at this door.

12:22:35 Nice flower there (daisy!?).13:26:19 Mount Nebo: This is where Moses arrived and was shown Cannan, the promised land. He died there as God did not allowed him to reach Cannan.13:26:32 Mount Nebo: There, this is what Moses saw a looooooooooong time ago.

13:25:42 Mount Nebo: Well, interesting.... :D16:23:36 Going to Karak, interesting rock formations.17:18:16 The valley that we crossed was truly impressive!

17:44:49 A tree.17:45:08 The King's Highway.08:09:43 Kitchen at our hotel in Karak!

08:52:44 Our self appointed guide in the Karak Castle.08:55:17 One of the inner rooms. The castle was originally made by the Crusaders, later was conquered by Saladdhin.09:06:00 Chiara and the tunnels.

09:11:49 More windows.09:16:01 The bakery (apparently).09:20:49 Our SELF APPOINTED guide leaving...

09:33:11 The castle is really hard to take on three sides. Shame that one side has got a convenient hill right in front, from where Saladdhin attacked...09:37:37 Walls were 6mts thick to withstand the attacks with catapults. 09:38:33 One of the very well protected sides...

09:41:32 Going up some stairs.09:42:31 Me climbing on the walls, Chiara forced me to go down eventually...09:42:19 Not before I took some pictures.

09:45:45 There, this is the 400mts drop from the place where I was climbing...09:58:17 Water slides.10:01:26 Art.

11:24:59 Fuel station.12:14:36 A guy walking by...12:35:05 Falafell stand.

13:27:43 This is the natural reserve of Dana.13:13:58 Another BIG tree.14:01:48 Dana village.

14:03:02 Some parts are still abandoned.14:11:43 The valley.14:28:17 The village from top.

14:32:50 Me and Chiara with the valley.14:39:42 This kid was performing for us with his donkey!! :D14:39:51 Beautiful!

15:57:18 I love this shot, we were driving so it's NOT set up at all, it was quite hard to make but :D15:04:17 Shobak Castle.15:21:11 Chiara and some doors...

15:23:45 More ruins at the Shobak castle.05:30:54 Me and Chiara at 6:30 AM in Petra to avoid all the tourists and see the site in peace (for a while at least).05:36:57 The Djin tanks.

05:39:27 The Nabateans dug up all the mountains to make their monuments/houses. It's truly impressive. 05:41:57 Getting to the Treasure...05:44:42 Entrance of the Siq.

05:51:09 The Siq it's not a Canyon, because there is no river crossing it. It's an actual opening in the rock, a sort of wound throug the mountain!05:52:13 Benches...05:55:25 A votive niche.

06:00:07 Chiara reading the information about the Siq.06:01:20 More Siq.06:05:51 YES!

06:08:01 Some sculptures were here, you can barely see them but they depicted a guy leading some camels. 06:11:59 IT HIM! My TREASURE:....06:13:03 Whip ready, Indiana Jones approaches the Treasure.

06:13:22 There you go! We were the only tourists around! :D06:14:23 Well not just us, but I think that there were only 6 people with us there at that time. 06:16:29 Details of the Treasure.

06:17:51 The Treasure is one of the Marvels of the Modern World. 06:22:18 The Siq from the Treasure.06:28:00 Inside the Treasure I did not find any trial or Graal story to follow... There are just three rooms, here is one.

06:29:04 The ceiling.06:37:19 Chiara managed to get a FREE TEA there... One of the few free things that we got in Petra...06:55:07 The rocks are not painted. It's the sediments that gave them these beautiful colours...

06:57:42 We thenstarted walking towards the Monastry. 06:59:05 Getting ready for a day of work selling stuff...07:04:34 We loved this little cat, he ate a Digestive Biscuit with its pawns, pretty much like a mouse would do!!

07:28:24 One of the royal tombs.07:30:55 Some of the sediments that I was talking about... STUNNING!07:53:52 See?

07:33:27 Chiarina and the rocks.08:18:19 Temple of Jupiter.08:54:38 Walinking towards the Monastery is not easy, there are a lot of steps to climb (a good 35/45 minutes of them).

09:18:44 But the climb is TOTALLY WORTH IT!09:19:08 Chiara.09:20:18 Indiana Lox.

09:33:15 Some goats.09:36:24 I liked this hole in the mountain!09:23:27 Since we were not tired enough we climbed even more to take this shot!

10:12:31 While resting this donkey approached and we fed him some dates. 10:33:56 Some details of the Monastery.11:28:35 Front shot! Beautiful.

11:28:57 Resting...12:02:32 Chiara in her typical habitat trying not to buy too much...12:03:00 No I DON'T WANT IT! (all these pictures are stolen as the women do not like to be featured in pictures all thta much)...

12:46:15 Royal tombs from distance.13:26:46 Going away I took another shot at the Siq + Treasure.... Nicceeee...13:27:11 And one more at the Siq.

19:51:31 At night we joined the "Petra by Night" walk (3 kilometers to reach the Treasure).20:12:50 Though the site was really beautiful with only these lamps the whole thing left us a bit unsatisfied.21:11:13 More Treasure by night.

21:25:58 The Siq with lamps...21:40:07 And more of it.06:52:43 King of Jordan. His picture is everywhere!

07:10:17 Second day at Petra saw us going through the Wadi Muthlib, a special walk.07:34:56 The walk follows the path of the river and it's quite hard in some points...07:48:10 This is just the beginning...

07:51:45 here it starts getting better :P07:52:46 More sediments, it looks like if someone painted them.07:55:15 Wow...

08:12:23 A turn in this Wadi, you can tell that water flows here normally.08:16:16 Chiara at one of these bends.08:18:29 Hey there!! :D

08:41:57 Nabatean door, unfinished...08:42:30 But look at the colours of this rock... It really looks like painted!08:50:21 More arches dug by wind and rain.

08:54:12 A secondary tomb on the way to the view of the Treasury from the top.09:19:49 Theatre from the top of the hill.09:10:47 Us resting...

09:35:58 Me and Chiara with a side view at the Treasure.09:49:25 That's him! beautiful.10:05:40 And again.

10:06:47 Chiara didn't want me to venture to the cliff because it was a bit dangerous, but this time I didn't listen! :D10:58:21 This is the most beautiful shot of the trip. Stolen shot again, the little kid was rejoicing at having some coins in his hand. 11:06:35 Here the Berbers sell bits of the coloured stones that you can admire all around the site.

11:06:44 More Nabatean tombs.11:36:39 The Lion's temple.18:16:50 Sunset at Petra.

18:40:40 A cake shop!10:57:47 Wadi Rum: Here we are in the desert, but the first stop was the natural spring!11:01:07 Peppermint grows wild here!

11:04:01 Desert bug...11:36:05 A tree in the desert...11:38:11 Making tea the berber way

11:41:53 Camel...12:01:50 There is a canyon with some Nabatean's writings..12:06:55 Here there are...

12:10:57 The sand changed colour from yellowish to red... nice...12:21:24 Chiara on a dune.12:28:11 From the top of the dune.

12:32:50 Chiara again...12:26:15 Me climbing down..12:28:37 I wanted to pretend to be in distress, but in reality the picture looks really crap! :D

12:34:37 Chiara doing the catwalk on the dune! :D12:59:02 Our jeep for the day, it kept stopping and the guide had to repair it at least three times. He said that with some metal wire and a SPOON he can repair ANY car... Oh well...13:29:25 Trees in the desert...

13:30:10 Making tea.15:58:38 There are several stone "bridges" in Wadi Rum.16:03:37 We climbed on the top of this one.

16:06:21 Parts of the climb were not extremely comfortable, but hey, that's the adeventure part of the trip right?15:59:28 There you go, us there on top.16:03:38 And us climbing down..

16:04:48 Some parts were not easy but...16:29:47 Wells of rainwater in the desert. They were almost completely dried up.16:31:31 But we managed to get some water. This is the American girlfriend of our guide, she came with us, it was a very good ride around the desert all together!

16:38:16 Chiara got driving (note the guy is laughing his head off)... :D17:01:52 Another bridge.17:03:21 Chiara in the bidge... :P

17:12:49 Chicken and Egg stones!17:13:24 Our guide is making drawings in the sand, with the sand, quite impressive...17:14:27 There you go...

17:16:01 This is the sand, up close and personal.17:44:26 Getting ready for the sunset.17:45:43 Lizard trails.

17:47:59 Quite interesting rocky formation.17:50:10 Getting ready for more tea...18:17:33 Sunset in the desert.

18:44:29 I swear that I did not touch the picture, these colours are natural.04:45:35 Sunrise in the desert, 5:00 Am.04:50:33 Notice that the moon phases don't go from left to right, but from top to bottom.

05:00:37 More sunrise.05:06:58 We slept in this berber tent.06:08:45 Lovely desert cat, she came begging for food...

06:09:43 Typical instrument and vase.06:40:30 Chiara getting out of the tent...07:21:54 Nice little camel.

07:53:05 Ah, beware of the camel...07:43:59 I loved this setup here, so when we were driving away from Wadi Rum I stopped the car to take this pic...07:44:44 More sand, finer...

21:02:47 In Aquaba at our resort.21:22:27 Pools by night.11:42:44 That would be me in the day.

14:45:38 And Chiara.14:46:18 One of our favourite pools at the hotel.