Philippines - China - Korea - Japan

Philippines - China - Korea - Japan

Friday 06th - Saturday 21st November 2009

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08:21:56 Street in the China Town in Manila.08:22:28 It's full of these in Manila...08:37:23 Riding a Jeepney (as they call them) can be dangerous

08:39:26 This is another popular mean of transportation.08:56:37 Local market08:57:16 Moving goods

08:57:28 Another market area shot08:59:06 People in the market08:59:19 Guards have these scary shotguns everywhere...

09:00:37 Nice way to go in a truck...09:01:07 Market life...09:16:23 Shop selling seeds

09:21:52 Traffic jams are a normal thing in these areas.09:22:29 Nice stolen pic of a little kid.09:37:55 That's where we were...

10:41:54 Now, HOW GREAT IS THAT!! :D10:42:07 Jeepnies show on the side what is their line of service.10:42:18 Every public car has this bit written on the bumper and on the side.

10:44:35 Moving through the slums in Manila.10:44:43 The slums are quite "harsh"...10:45:57 A Jeepney full of customers.

11:43:21 The other face of Manila, the Peninsula!12:29:09 Spong Bob show in Rustangs in Manila.06:29:05 Statue

06:36:03 Local "fake" market for tourists...06:36:10 Well, the skeleton of the cow is not fake...06:36:39 Plants

06:37:00 Veggies06:39:51 Fish on a stick (tm)06:53:20 Guy selling some curry paste.

06:54:49 Much better than Macdonalds, but very slow serving!06:58:15 Grilled fish and meat stand.10:36:09 Going out in the countryside.

10:49:31 Local market selling fruits... Marvelous!10:49:37 Pineapples and Mangoes are totally great in the Philippines, they taste like JAM...10:49:53 Sardines and the smelly fruit that they have also in China and that I forgot the name...

10:51:27 There you go.10:52:31 Those red balls I presume they are passion fruits...11:12:15 View from the top of the hill near the golf club

11:12:25 More golf club action11:13:00 The forest is very green and very big!11:18:48 It's a shame that the rainy season were at their peak...

11:19:12 My client took me to HIS golf club, quite nice... :D11:22:13 Me 111:22:42 Me 2

11:23:21 Me 3... oh yes 33 degrees even with the rain...11:27:04 Pineapple11:33:47 Ahhh nice quick snack before massage!

11:56:54 Light has gone.02:12:34 Philippines flag.10:31:16 Hong Kong

10:47:36 Hong Kong - Some Christmas decorations10:48:41 Hong Kong - More decorations10:49:04 Hong Kong - Bay

11:12:23 Hong Kong - Newly opened shop and thrash dropped in front of it!!09:51:26 Shanghai - Nice moped!06:40:26 Seoul - chair

06:42:27 Seoul - Lotte World, there is an amusement park in this department store!!06:42:53 Seoul - Oh and an ice rink...13:37:01 Osaka - View from Takarazuka

13:37:28 Osaka - More view from Kusunugi san house!