New Year 2009-2010 in Berlin

New Year 2009-2010 in Berlin

Wednesday 30th December 2009 - Saturday 02nd January 2010

There we are me, Chiara, Francesco Elisa, Gianfranco and Federico all together in Berlin for New Year!

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20:27:04 Elisa at the station21:24:05 That would be BEER!21:47:31 Duck and Beer. Actually the waitress brought me the duck that was meant for another guest, the cook got really upset with her and it totally spoiled the meal for me :(

21:47:54 Us at the table.10:01:33 Typical traffic light from the Russian Berlin side. 10:01:46 And the red signal.

10:09:12 Chiara is stuffed with all possible clothes. Weather was rather cold.10:46:19 There, snow.10:46:26 Elisa and Chiara walking.

10:58:21 Must be some sort of government building.11:02:10 This is the Reichstag, the heart of Germany's political world.11:04:43 German flag.

11:04:52 "For the German People", front entrance Reichstag.11:12:28 Trees and snow.11:14:09 Brandeburg Tor (gate).

11:38:27 Not as famous as the previous one, this is a normal door that I liked...11:38:34 The door was guarded by a stone cat that looks incredibly mean!11:38:41 Chiara in the cold.

11:46:41 Gendarmen Markt Plaz, there are two churches that are exact copies one of the other.11:48:06 There.11:48:18 Ain't that nice?!

11:52:01 Bird feed.12:00:04 The other church with the roofs of the market stand.12:09:57 Not sure what this is...

12:15:45 This is Friedrich II building.12:22:30 Berlin Dome from outside.12:32:20 And inside, note the Christmas tree near the altar, quite interesting!

12:33:47 The Dome from below.12:36:58 Huge Organ.12:40:53 From the balcony.

13:31:32 Television Tower.14:49:00 Here Federico shows us pieces of ice from the fountain.14:49:35 Venturing on the iced water a shot of the fountain in Alexander Plaz up close!

15:25:02 Typical pub that was (alas) closed when we decided to go there...15:27:46 Ok the story of Goldielocks and the Bears did not feature the drug addicted panda (with eye-bags) on the right, nor Francesco on the left!!15:40:52 This bit of berlin was rebuilt (like everything else) but in a more "old style"...

15:54:54 Statues of Marx and Engels.22:18:06 New Year Night, through the food markets.22:20:07 Ahhh cakes!

22:20:11 Soups!22:20:29 Chiara pointing at some chocolates...22:23:20 These Wursts were absolutely fantastic!

22:45:13 Fireworks were going on even if midnight was 3 hours to go (still)...22:46:45 More fireworks.22:53:12 Sony Center in Berlin.

22:54:07 This sail that they built on the top of the complex is stunningly beautiful. Great piece of engineering!23:39:28 Selling roasted chicken near Brandeburg Tor (where all the New Year's party was happening).00:35:26 Berlin Eye?

00:35:36 We could not walk to the Brandeburg Tor over there, too many people!01:04:55 MIDNIGHT!!!01:09:07 Fireworks through the trees...

01:09:18 And more...01:09:50 And more...01:10:03 And that is the last one!

01:21:26 We moved to the train station to witness the Reichstag being attached just like in CALL OF DUTY when you have to conquer it off Nazi's hands.01:21:59 More Reichstag action here.11:17:42 Gianfranco and two "very interesting" paintings.

12:03:06 A piece of the Berlin Wall.12:20:54 Part of the Berlin wall.12:31:58 Cars from the past...

12:32:25 More Berlin wall...12:38:45 Checkpoint Charlie.12:39:16 Self explanatory

12:39:50 Self explanatory12:43:04 The Checkpoint lodge..15:14:03 Pergamon Altar in Pergamon Museum.

15:19:03 Some details of the Altar.15:32:15 This is the door to the market halls in Babylon...15:37:55 And another beautiful structure from Babylonian times..

15:38:43 Detail of a daisy...15:39:11 The door itself.15:42:42 All the pieces are made with lacquered porcelain, truly great.

15:43:37 Some animals.15:45:34 Lions were put there to scare off enemies...15:49:15 More lion action..

16:16:15 Muslim art. Mosque altar.16:20:23 One more piece of Islamic art, very beautiful.16:24:41 This rooftop is entirely made of wood and it was taken from the Alhambra in Granada (Spain).

17:45:30 Nice beer in a pub.21:36:14 One of the oldest restaurants in Berlin..22:27:36 Food was truly great, it is said that also Napoleon came to eat here!

23:43:45 The entrance, behind the two people eating there is a stove made in crackleware. A true masterpiece.00:01:11 Deserted square at night...00:25:20 Loved the lighting on this building...

00:28:02 A detail of the palace...11:45:09 Nice one!12:34:59 This is the "Olocaust Tower" in the Jewish Museum. Truly shocking, the place is very small, triangular shaped, dark (save from the window here depicted) and bitterly cold. There is nothing to see, but there is a lot to "feel"... and think.

12:44:12 The museum building is in itself a work of art.12:45:02 This is the Olocaust Garden, closed because it was snowing...12:48:45 Chiara and some fake Pomegrane tree where she is attaching a wish-card.

13:31:39 Liked this old looking poster stand...13:35:39 Pages from old newspapers.15:20:43 A detail of the Reichstag facade.

15:31:29 Olocaust Memorial.15:33:04 Several pillars of different heights...15:33:16 Chiara and the pillars.

15:34:59 I had to take a picture of me, to avoid death penalty by Chiara laments...17:52:58 Berlin has been rebuilt completely after the war, but fortunately they kept this church to witness what happened during allied bombings.