Sunday 14th March - Saturday 03rd April 2010

First business trip 2010, with special Hanami sights in Japan!

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07:11:46 07:40:56 Typical Hong Kong cable buses.07:47:24 I loved the opposites here: Young and trendy kids with new spanky shops and old style masonry based on buckets of debris!

14:44:24 Lan Kwai Fong, the same as London' Soho but in Hong Kong05:50:52 15:30:13 Shanghai skyline at night over the Bund.

11:21:57 11:23:41 And also these....05:47:59

05:54:28 They sell a bit of everything, of course also foodstuff!05:54:59 05:56:46 Different types of chili, Koreans are real master at spicy food!

06:11:02 A closeup of an hair clip. There is a seven stories building selling only fake jewels, hair clips and accessories... 06:33:14 More action from the wholesale market!06:42:25 World Famous jars of Gingseng from Korea!

06:46:04 06:46:46 06:47:20 Fish? Well a strange way to stock it though...

06:51:16 07:01:34 Here are some pictures taken (stolen) from that building dedicated only to accessories for women.07:16:16

07:16:49 07:25:06 More accessories... a guy selling necklaces...?07:30:40 Here we are outside, my attention was taken by this smoke coming out.

07:31:18 Ah, FRESH NIKUMANJYU!!! Absolutely delicious, I bought FIVE!05:20:20 Here we start with JAPAN and HANAMI! Kyoto...05:24:29 This is actually a plum (UME) flower (I think)

05:25:11 More close up pictures of the blossoming flowers.05:26:34 05:26:46 THE DOG IS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!! :D

05:27:45 More Tetsugaku no michi.05:30:26 05:34:52

05:35:39 Entrance at Ginkakuji.05:39:49 All very Japanese.05:40:50

05:41:31 05:44:22 You have got to love the way they embellish a everything in these monasteries. 05:45:16 Closeup.

05:46:25 05:46:42 Ginkakuji is called like this because technically has a silver plated roof.05:48:09

05:49:41 05:58:22 From the top...06:00:16 More Ginkakuji action.

06:02:30 A flower (no cherry here though).06:04:39 06:10:39 Sand and patterns...

06:14:24 06:14:52 06:15:19

06:15:46 06:15:57 06:16:41 And all together!

06:31:42 06:32:23 Some closeups!06:32:43 The Cherry blossom!

06:33:21 And again!06:33:44 I loved the way the mum was taking pictures and the kid was totally sleeping... :D06:43:41

06:52:56 Lots of nice flowers, MACRO GALORE!!06:55:47 06:57:05 And here it goes again!

07:00:08 Weirdest flower I have seen that day..07:00:59 Some nice old looking gate.07:02:04 Picture of a guy painting.

07:03:09 More Sakura action.07:21:19 Nanzenji, detail. 07:24:59

07:27:18 Maybe some old samurai walked these paths before us... 07:29:15 Roof-tiles, detail. 07:29:36 Mmmm wouldn't know what it is...

07:35:54 Some rickshaw drivers.07:53:32 08:12:04

08:14:41 08:15:05 08:18:03

08:18:20 08:18:58 Pontocho with no people (rare shot)!08:29:30 From Pontocho I moved to the other famous place for Geisha and Maiko san. Gion quarter.

08:30:06 08:31:56 08:32:10

08:33:04 08:34:24 Shinto shrine in Shirakawa Minamidori.08:35:25 Rose

08:37:01 08:37:39 08:39:18

08:43:46 08:44:04 08:47:13 Some flowers....

13:56:10 In Osaka I met up with Kutsunugi san and Keiko san, and surprise surprise, DANIELA from my previous work in the fashion industry, it was almost 4 years since I left Varese...15:28:22 Here we are in Tokyo with Kyohei which I met when he was 15 and now has a job in TOKYO!04:36:16

04:36:34 Here we are near the imperial castle and Yasukuni Jinja.04:39:58 Closeups!04:43:06 And more branches full of cherry blossoms!

04:50:03 04:50:58 Not Cherries, but nice!04:51:41 A lot of eating and drinking takes place during Hanami.

04:53:08 Entrance to Yasukuni.04:55:08 I like this... a detail of the door and a sea of Pink!04:55:46

04:58:07 The shrine itself.05:00:28 Detail of the decorations...05:01:31

05:04:05 More cherries!05:05:23 Me and the cherry trees! :D05:12:26 TAKOYAKI!!!! (Grilled Flour balls with Squid, I love them!!)

05:13:23 More stalls, these guys are selling Okonomiyaki! (also quite excellent)05:13:34 This lady is selling ODEN (also totally great)05:14:19 And some fish skewers, ready to be grilled on demand!

05:18:05 05:25:19 Going away, note the amount of people around, it was really obscene...05:25:27

05:35:57 Here we start to get serious, Chidorigafuchi is one of the most famous spots to see the cherry blossoms, it was truly great. 05:36:50 05:38:40 I love this picture, it's probably the best of the crop, it looks like an impressionist painting, but instead I have played around with focus and there are cherries distant and close...

05:39:01 Nice one! :D (stolen)05:40:54 Some random flower that probably felt depressed because everyone is looking at the Sakura. 05:43:08 Another picture with the different distances... Also quite nice...

05:46:14 05:46:42 Sakura and sky.05:51:16 More Sakura action.

05:51:41 And again closeup.05:57:33 The moat around the imperial palace. 07:22:06

11:31:10 Yozakura (the same as Hanami but by night) was spoiled by RAIN!11:31:47 11:34:20

11:36:02 11:36:57 11:38:21

11:48:47 Not before having a picture of this Sakura tree!!