Business Trip to Bangladesh and Japan

Business Trip to Bangladesh and Japan

Friday 30th April - Wednesday 02nd June 2010

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14:23:38 The view from my hotel room, basically everyone could look inside my room!! :D06:20:39 Stall vending fruits (I presume)06:22:01 This is one of those green taxies that are completely barred for driver and passengers security as muggers used to assault these things in the past.

06:25:57 alongside with cars, bikes are the most popular mean of transportation/carrying goods.06:42:43 Not sure what they are doing here...06:44:17 Green taxies and rickshaws!

06:47:08 Lots of beggars come to the car asking for money, tapping the windows and trying to talk to you. It was hard to ignore them at first, but later it become quite natural...06:49:49 More rickshaws. They are a total hazard in the mad traffic of Dhaka.06:50:41 Buses are in good shape!

06:51:58 Street market for... FLIP FLOPS?07:01:08 Entrance of a kitchenware shop. It's actually selling the goods that I am representing in Asia.07:11:45 I guess it's a local restaurant, but I have no clue at what they make...

09:58:36 I think this guy sells cigarettes. 09:58:48 09:58:55 I liked this shot, a rich lady with mobile phone and the old mean of transportation... :D

09:59:24 I told you that there are a LOT of rickshaws going around Dhaka...09:59:37 Bloke transporting heavy boxes.09:59:59

10:03:34 Nice one... I wished I'd zoomed more on the guy.10:03:53 Ha the passenger spot me!10:07:12 Chit chatting...

10:11:06 Call now!10:16:25 Driver.11:30:33 Apparently in Bangladesh, since they do not have a football team, they support other teams (Argentina, Brasil, Italy) and there are massive fights when the games are on...

11:33:15 As you can see the streets are cluttered with debris and dirt.11:33:42 Daily life in Dhaka.11:33:59 This guy had an accident as these fabric pieces (or rolls) fell on the ground.

11:34:04 But he wouldn't leave the bike, I think he got someone to help him loading them again... Maybe worried that someone would steal the cart?11:34:18 There he won!11:34:54 A guy.

11:38:12 12:35:03 12:36:30

12:43:23 Nice one finally... I managed to do a proper zoom.12:59:25 13:34:13 Life passes by near the land development areas in Dhaka...

16:25:19 Waterpie, or shisha as it's called. 16:27:25 And me smoking it... I quite liked it actually, rather nice!09:04:07 Mangoes stall.

09:08:40 This must be an old version (mugger friendly) of the green taxi thingy...09:09:27 Not sure what he's selling, but sometimes is hard to tell the people trying to lead a business from the beggars...14:32:50 I think it's a fashion shop. Remember this is an Islamic country.

14:33:09 More debris and food stalls...15:16:02 This is the "Times Square" of Dhaka. 11:45:27 (JAPAN) Sun setting in the land of the Rising Sun!

11:45:46 (JAPAN) No we are not in the US, but we are in Tokyo at Odaiba!11:46:05 (JAPAN) More Fake Statue of Liberty pictures...11:46:16 (JAPAN) Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo.