Malmantile Medieval Festival

Malmantile Medieval Festival

Sunday 06th June 2010

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16:39:12 Selling candles16:39:22 Creating pottery16:43:16 Liked this strange flower!

16:49:05 The archery range where I won the prize!16:49:38 More of that story.16:49:48 Lady Marion from Robin Hood...

16:50:51 The archery flag, very medieval... 16:51:09 A tent and some dummies for target shooting.17:04:09 Ancient walls at Malmantide

17:06:17 This is a guy that starting from the wood makes the bow.17:07:44 Old books17:10:27 We were allowed to try the sword, 12Kg piece, quite heavy.

17:12:45 Juggler in action17:13:08 And at rest17:15:23 Kid with shield and mother in the way!!

17:16:39 Pay 3 euros to destroy some pottery cups...17:19:04 Shady individuals...17:22:51 More of those books

18:51:14 Pillowfight!!19:02:42 The medieval parade19:03:47 Lots of drummers and trumpeters!

19:04:16 More of that story19:04:37 Closer shot.19:05:04 Parade stopped in the manin square and left space to....

19:05:57 Flag throwing performance!19:06:08 19:06:25

19:06:26 19:06:51 19:06:52

19:07:05 19:07:20 19:08:02

19:08:11 Some of the tricks are rather impressive, here with three flags!19:08:20 19:08:28

19:08:48 19:08:50 19:11:44 Nice I managed to get them in the air! :D