Alice's Wedding - 15th May 2004

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My sister was getting married in Sardinia. I almost missed my flight, but in the end I mananged to arrive (I was the best man, too)...

22:21:56 The cerimony car. Can't remember if it was an American car from the '50.

22:22:10 The church. We arrived quite early and we had to wonder around this little town in Sardinia.

22:37:44 Roberto and his mother while approaching the altar.

22:39:02 Mixed shot of relatives/friends/unknown people.

22:57:11 My sister and my father walk to the altar.

23:52:22 My sister near the altar. I think she was bitching about the shoes or something...

23:55:36 Roberto after the cerimony.

23:55:53 And my sister waiting to sign all the papers.

23:56:43 AHA! Roberto!! There's no turning back now!

23:57:06 Same for my sister, now they are married under the church and the Italian law...Good luck!

00:02:50 My cousins from Sassari.

00:03:31 Me and Serena. We have been the two witnesses (best man/woman) for my sister.

00:04:57 They are coming out... Actually there were some people with packs of PASTA, thing that puzzled me a bit, until they actually got out and...

00:05:32 FIRE!!!!

00:05:38 Pasta, Rice, Paper. I would say that an interesting variety of goods have been thrown at them.

00:06:43 After the attack the two newly weds try to make a move towards the "runaway car".

00:24:09 Church shot.

00:24:53 More poses for the hungry guests.

00:25:18 My mother and my sister are talking about something.

00:26:57 And off we go to the most important appointment of the day... THE RECEPTION! (only joking..)

00:27:22 Some technical problems with the veils are solved.

01:31:59 At the party: My father, one of my aunts (zia Pepinetta) and the two cousins (Silvia e Chiara).

01:32:42 More relatives, from left to right, Zia Elvira, Zia Pepinetta and yet the two cousins again!

01:33:04 More people, Patrizia, Zia Dianella and Zio Girolamo.

01:33:54 Patrizia and Zio Girolamo waiting for the table.

01:34:38 My granmother is at the back in the blue dress.

01:36:05 Zia Dianella, waiting to be seated. Fortunately I sat next to her, she's real cool and I knew very little people of the 120 guests invited...

01:50:41 My mum and Marta on the right.

04:17:01 Roberto and Alice posing for the usual pictures.

04:19:45 Zio Girolamo, Zia Elvira, Roberto and Laura with the newly weds!

04:21:45 Zio Antonello, Zia Pepinetta, Silvia e Chiara with Alice and Roberto.

04:23:12 Zia Dianella and the usual suspects.

04:23:42 Zio Bruno e Zia Gabriella, all the pictures were taken on that bench!

05:03:52 AHA!!! The cake!

05:06:54 Cutting the first slice...

06:06:49 And finalyy giving out presents to the guests. This eventually concluded the wedding, as people starte going back home... All in all a fine wedding!