Andeer Jan 2005

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Saturday 22nd January 2005. Trip to the hot spring in Andeer (Switzerland)with Marta, Tanya and Gabriele.

18:19:01 Here is Neo getting off the car...

18:20:30 A view of the swiss mountains in the morning.

22:17:11 More Swiss mountains, they look really gigantic. Andeer is in a narrow valley so the surrounding is rather breathtaking.

22:28:24 B/W "cool photographer" shot.

22:40:59 Tanya and Marta while buying chees from the only dairy shop in Andeer. Needless to say that everything was marvellous (also the cheese shop owner is rather interesting, maybe it's due to an excess of cheese in his diet...)

23:17:51 Snow covered trees.

23:19:04 This is actually the hotspring from the outside.

23:19:34 More mountains and mist.

23:20:17 A funky house in Andeer.

23:20:40 There was a rather long debate over this thing. We think it's some sort of water hose or something, but the pig?! Someone even proposed "trash bag collection point"!!

23:21:38 Forests and mountains..

23:23:31 This is the hotel near the hot spring, very Swiss, deserved a picture!

00:05:22 I ventured myself taking the camera while I was IN the water, this is a pic of the church that overlooked the pool. The mist is the actual vapuor from the hot water. Nice!

00:05:28 The pool and more foggy bits.

00:06:00 Tanya and Marta.

00:06:44 Me and Marta.

00:07:01 Majestic pine tree just outside the pool.

00:07:28 More church, strange light and trees.

00:08:01 The pool again, not the hook shaped water pump, it was actually really nice to go under it to get a sort of water inducted back massage.

00:09:32 Tanya and Gabriele.

00:09:38 Marta on the side of the pool. Just staying there and enjoying the view was soooooo relaxing!

00:09:48 I like this one, the light it's almost over the church, the vapour is there but it doesn't cover the construction. Lovely!

00:10:31 More pool.

03:16:35 Front side of the Church.

03:17:57 More mountains and trees.

03:18:36 Streets in Andeer. We didn't meet many people walking the streets, it was rather cold I have to say but...

03:56:49 Nice fountain, oddly not frozen.

03:57:06 Marta, Gabriele and Tanya looking for a pub to get an hot chocolate or some booze...

03:59:38 The search for the bar was a disappointing failure, but gave me the chance to take some pictures of these interesting houses.

03:59:47 Marta and a tree.

04:00:48 The snow was almost falling down, but not quite yet.

04:01:07 A fancy house decorated the Swiss way.

04:01:48 Narrow alley and decorated house.

04:03:26 The three adventurers are trying to tame the wild beast of war.