Ceriale - June 2004

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Trip to Ceriale with Bogio and Linda in June 2004. How nice to get away from work for a little!

20:27:16 Linda looking naughty.

20:40:17 Some nce purple flowers. I was actually trying to understand the use of the MACRO function...

23:28:21 Mmmmmmmm interesting this one, Bogio and Linda are apparently asleep...

06:39:52 Alassio, is a place near Ceriale famous for this wall covered with strange tiles. This statue of the two lovers is meant to bring true love to whoever touches the feet of the woman.

06:41:50 Linda wasn't interested in true love (yeah wait 3/4years!!) and didn't want to touch the foot!

22:01:17 A lovely alley before the beach.

00:13:33 Nice house, ON the beach.

00:13:59 The water was rather cold but it was so hot that a swim was not an option it was a MUST.

00:14:22 We eventually walked up to that tower.

00:14:50 Ripcurls.... :)

00:24:19 Bogio and Linda in this little square. I think that Linda was complaining about something she looks rather upset here..

00:24:41 More nice little squares and houses. On the Italian peninsula you can find this colorful style only in Liguria.

00:25:43 Another interesting alley leading to the seaside.

00:46:25 Linda and the plant.

00:54:28 Niiiice purple flower with Bogio. The intensity of the purple was truly amazing.

00:55:05 And the flower again.

01:05:27 Shot form the rock above the little gulf.

01:05:57 Sea from the rock.

01:06:03 The tower.