Claudio's Wedding

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Wednesday 5th - Thursday 6th October 2005
On a rainy Thursday me and some other colleagues went to celebrate Claudio's wedding!

21:48:04 Marta and Lucia looking smart in a small caf prior to the cerimony.

21:49:49 Rodolfo looking extremely smart in the same caf.

21:50:58 Me and Lucia. Note the spanky red bracers, gives me a rather "labour party" look.

22:01:13 Unknown people in front of the church.

22:01:22 Claudio waiting for the bride!

22:02:11 Marta, Paola, Lucia and Viviana. The pose was not arranged by height it was like that at random!

22:05:20 Bride arrival!

22:05:29 The father of the bride.

22:05:39 Here is Miriam, she looks terrific!

22:06:16 Getting closer to the altar...

22:06:32 Close up of the family.

22:07:24 People getting ready for the wedding.

22:08:19 Miriam and Claudio from behind. I couldn't use the flash and the picture is not very clear...

22:28:35 While the priest was going on with his business I decied it was more fun to play with the camera. Note the nice out of focus effect.. I love this pic!

23:05:12 Just about to exchage rings.

23:05:28 AH! The newly wedded !!

23:18:55 And onto the practical matters (signing wedding contracts).

23:22:06 Claudio's friends arranged this thing on the pavement in front of the church.

23:22:20 Marta, Erika and Viviana chatting away..

23:23:22 And the last touch, filled with dried flowers. How nice!

23:25:44 The main part of the church.

23:32:20 Just about to get out...

23:32:49 FIREEEEEE!!!!

23:32:49 More rice and pasta and flowers.

23:32:49 And again!

23:33:04 I like this one, it's obvious that Claudio's synapsis haven't yet understood that he's been struck by a vicious round of rice.

23:33:04 Now he takes cover!

23:33:04 How gallant to protect his wife!

23:33:22 The shooting ends.

23:37:43 Random people again.

00:34:18 The reception took place in this restaurant.

01:19:56 Marta at the table.

01:20:43 Lucia at the table.

01:27:18 Another random shot.

01:28:01 Rodolfo, Marta and Paolo.

02:10:10 Claudio looking drunk!

03:09:41 Miriam and Marta behind!

03:11:05 The couple with some relatives.

03:13:19 Marta and Paola chit chatting away.

03:14:24 Miriam and Claudio, finally up close and all for me to take a picture of!

04:53:07 Cutting the cake.. Note the little girl who was EXTREMELY interested in this piece of food.