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Visit to Filottrano, Marta's home town in Marche (a region just south of Tuscany).

06:01:41 Loosely translated this sign says "Cat's Inn", it's a name of a town near Filottrano, where Marta's family live.

22:17:59 This guy is Mr.Ottrano, the name of the town Filottrano means "figli di Ottrano" (Ottrano's children).

22:18:23 The main square features together with the statue of Ottrano an Ice cream seller.

22:18:32 A wider shot of the square.

22:18:40 The main street, there are several shops, among which there is Marta's mother shop.

03:33:29 This plaque is set in Recanati, where Giacomo Leopardi, one of Italy's most famous poets used to live.

03:33:45 This is Leopardi's house in Recanati.

02:02:23 This view is from Porto Recanati a nice location on the Adriatico sea.

04:30:33 This is the abbey of Loreto, one of the most famous places in the Marche region.