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Trip to Florence after the holidays in Iceland.

02:21:18 The Florence Duomo plus Giotto Betttower (Campanile di Giotto)

02:21:25 The Duomo main entrance.

02:21:40 Same entrance with a part of the square.

02:23:35 Campanile di Giotto in its majesty!

02:28:15 Walking up the street from the Duomo you see many old houses and palaces, this is one of them.

03:40:56 Passera Square. Though a non italian speaker won't find anything strange with this square name, PASSERA, in Italian slang, is used in the same way of "pussy". Loosely translated here we have Pussy Square.

03:45:43 Ponte Vecchio taken from ponte S.Trinita.

03:46:36 Some houses near the Arno river.

03:01:26 This is the view from Matteo's house, a friend of mine who lives right in the center of Florence.

03:01:39 And again view from Matteo's house.

03:01:45 And again.

08:32:29 Ponte Vecchio by night I started trying out some camera settings here,

08:33:10 Same picture but no light-enhancing settings are used in this one.

08:34:02 Full blast exposure (30 seconds).

08:35:47 Same trials at night. Ponte Vecchio and some lights.

08:37:02 And again.

08:37:22 And again.

07:43:02 Eventually I had to go back to Vedano up north, but had a great dinner with my friends. Here we have Federico, Mirko, Franz, Stefa e Mercogliano, all advertising one of the worst drinks that I have ever had in my life bought in ICELAD.

03:28:14 Palazzo Vecchio and the Moon... Spooky!

03:29:29 More Palazzo Vecchio and the last part of Corridoio Vasariano.