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Week in Florence before going to France, a "balm for woes" this week has been.

04:43:23 The giant iv Villa dermidoff, a marvellous villa and park on one of the hills around Florence.

04:43:35 Close up of the sculpture.

04:44:40 Fabio, Luana, Federico, Francesco, Giovanni and Licia here throwing rocks in the pond.

04:46:29 Statue and park.

04:47:36 Givanni and the villa in the background.

04:59:45 We eventually stumbled onto this punch and jurdy show.

05:07:30 Lovely!

05:16:40 The group looks around for the next place to go.

05:17:24 AHA! The master of puppets!

08:46:16 In the evening we had the 31st birthday party of Stefano (in this shot on le right, Simone on the left).

08:47:45 Ah! The old man!

08:48:03 Simone and Maria Chiara.

08:48:32 Francesco, Diego and Federico.

08:49:46 Franco on the right plus other random people.

08:50:53 Me and Francesco.

08:53:58 The service was real slow so we started eating the complimentary bread that was present on the table.

08:54:33 As you can see Stefano is stealing a piece of prosciutto from Simone, he was succesfull, shame that he placed the precious meat on his plate for 10 seconds, enough for me to steal it from him.

09:21:03 Stefano receives the FIRST present.

09:21:23 The written part says " To Stefano so that he can improve his culture, YOU GAYLORD"

09:21:58 The FIRST present was wrapped in 3 plastic bags, it was given to him while he was eating (he hates to be disrupted when eating). In this shot he realizes the extent of the present.

09:22:16 "SUMS AND SUBTRACTIONS . Learn maths with TOBI (the owl)", of course a fake present, for sheer fun.

09:22:34 Stefano started looking at this difficult book with interest, he eventually played with it all the evening.

09:23:15 The stikers were distriduted among the guests.

09:40:52 SECOND PRESENT, the package says "In memory of one of the best moments ever spent together".

09:41:01 Mmmmmm excited espression here! (please note the stupid amount of pasta in the foreground)...

09:41:18 Aaaa almost there, also this present was wrapped in millions of plastic bags, and also for this present we interruped Stefano's eating.

09:42:04 Realization strikes the poor old man like a showel in his face.

09:42:10 He was almost of the verge of tears.

09:42:24 And again...

09:45:41 The present is infact a DIVX version of the world famous movei "DRUIDS", by far the WORST MOVIE ever made. We watched it all together thinking that it was good a long time ago.. Of course also this one was a fake present.

10:10:40 THIRD PRESENT, was a nice book written by a famous comic writer about good manners, in the book there are really funny passages, teaching the modern man how to take a shit and so on...


10:23:13 Ooooooooooohhhhh

10:23:49 The fourth was the real deal, an illustrated edition of the SILMARILLION, whith drawings made by Ted Nashmith, by far one of the best Lord of the Rings painter/illustrator.

10:24:33 He like this one, but he soon startd playing with the first present again.

23:35:15 The day after we went to the lake for some sun and a quick swim, here we have Giovanni and Licia.

23:35:29 Federio and a book.

23:35:45 Luana and Fabio.

23:35:54 Me.

23:36:03 And again me.

23:36:33 This is the lake, the day was very hot and we had to retreat past midday.

09:12:25 The day I left it was time for Simone's birthday, in this rare shot he's showing one of his shoes, the other was hanging out from a tree after it was thrown away from the window.

09:12:38 Stefano and a guy I can't remember the name...

09:13:20 Bunch of people talking.

09:13:59 Giulia.

09:14:46 Maria Chiara and Giulia in the background.

09:15:10 Simone and Maria Chiara, in a rare shot together.

09:17:05 FIRST PRESENT, please note that the packaging is made with bog roll paper (classy).

09:18:00 A marvellous copy of the SEVEN SAMRAI of Akira Kurosawa. Simone didn't realize that it was a joke and tried to convince us that he really liked this present...

09:31:35 Stefano, Rita and Matteo eating a TERRIBLE piece of Turkish Delight. A crappy ultra sweet cake that Simone brought back from a trip to Turkey...

09:31:47 The man cocnocting Mojitos and several other cocktails.

09:33:33 Maria Chiara eating some cake and Rita following the example.

09:46:03 SECOND PRESENT. Needs some explanation. Simone one night ate a bowl of salad all by himself, later excusing himself that the salad was so good that he felt like a DEER eating grass. Needless to say that this episode marked Simone all like as the "Little Deer", in italian CERBIATTO.

09:46:18 Simone's new shoes were rather naff.

09:46:47 Simon realizing what he's been given for second present.

09:47:51 A BOX OF CROISSANT CALLED ..... "CERBIATTO" !!!!!! Marvellous.

10:17:59 THIRD PRESENT. This was the real deal.

10:18:10 The 3 movies set of STAR WARS!

10:18:28 He liked that of course.