Firenze May 2005

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Saturday 21th May 2005. Visit in Florence with Marta.

01:51:03 Palazzo Vecchio and Ponte Vecchio, plus Arno river.

01:56:29 the Uffizzi gallery taken from the other side of Arno, below the rowing club headquarters.

01:57:15 Ponte Vecchio and the Vasarian Corridor (on the top all thoose little windows).

01:57:29 Marta and the Uffizzi behind.

01:59:14 A little alley that I personally love quite a lot. It's also conveniently close to my favourite wine bar in Florence.

02:11:04 The court at Palazzo Pitti, where the Medici family used to live. Also the entrance to Boboli's gardens, our aim for the day.

02:11:31 More Palazzo Pitti from the court.

02:15:10 Palazzo Pitti and a fountain.

02:15:25 In the distance it's possible to see the Duomo and Giotto Bell Tower.

02:17:51 Palazzo Pitti from the distance, already inside Boboli's garden.

02:18:23 A statue from below, don't remember what I was trying to achieve here...

02:19:54 Boboli and Palazzo Pitti.

02:22:02 A view of the near countryside from Boboli's garden. Note that the gardens are RIGHT in the middle of Florence, but looking around doesn't look that way...

02:23:49 A woman resting under a tree. She actually saw me taking the shot and managed to get a decent pose. Quite annoying since I wanted to have the previous sleepy pose...

02:24:27 Getting to my favourite spot in Boboli.

02:25:47 There it is! The terrace it's marvellous and the view really great.

02:26:39 This is a shot at the view from the terrace.

02:27:05 And another. You wouldn't think you are in Florence. Used to spend here a lot of time when I was living in Florence.

02:27:15 More pictures of the house and rose garden.

02:28:04 Marta and the roses.

02:28:56 Roses and house. There was an exibition that day but it was rather dull.

02:29:28 A shot from the house, funnily enough nobody walked in the middle.

02:35:23 I liked the contrast of pink, green and blue, here.

02:40:17 Aaaaaaa Florentine work of art!

02:40:25 Maybe the makeup could have been a little bit more taken care of!

02:40:56 We decided to take a walk down this alley.

02:47:44 Some interesting tunnels.

02:50:12 And some more interesting paths.

02:51:50 Trees leading to one of the mansions that are scattered in this garden.

02:52:13 The fountain that we wanted to reach proved a starting point for a further investigation in the garden.

02:52:24 We were right at the top of this road... What a walk!!

02:54:05 The fountain.

03:05:04 More statues.

03:09:35 A lemon tree.

03:13:37 A little tower emerging from an unaccesible place. Maybe it's already outside the garden and part of some of the old houses that surround Palazoz Pitti...

03:14:34 This is the main square right next to Palazzo Pitti. It's really huge, look how big are people...

03:14:55 Some more Florentine's work of art...

03:15:17 A pegasus decided to stop by, but we couldn't get any more close than that..

03:17:28 Another shot at Palazzo Pitti with Palazzo Vecchio (the city hall in the past and also now in present days).

03:17:37 Palazzo Vecchio. The two Palazzo were connected by the Corridoio Vasariano (Vasarian Corridor), long more than 1 kilometer. This was both an excape route and a way for the leaders of Florence not to mix with common people.

03:20:10 Trying to be artistic here... :(

03:20:25 A little construction in the forset.

03:23:41 This place reminds me of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Lovely.

03:37:10 We even got to see some old cars sprinting down the center of Florence.

03:38:13 More of them, this is actually a real Jaguar!