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New kid in town! The first time I met my little nephew Gabriele.

01:23:46 This was a picture that Alice sent me when Gabriele was born!

01:24:08 This is the first time that I saw my nephew!!

01:24:49 Mum Alice trying to fead the beast!

01:38:12 My mother and my sister posing with Gabriele (who knew he had to look in the camera, amazing!)

01:38:38 Gabriele looking unimpressed!

01:39:33 My sister was trying to communicate with her son, but he kept being distracted by my presence.

01:42:50 Changing nappies!

01:45:15 I wonder what he was looking at..

01:48:16 Me and my nephew, finally together!

01:49:34 And again.

01:53:49 My sister is keeping a diary with all the accounts of what happened during the first days of life of Gabriele.

01:55:40 The diary, there is a print of the had of Gabriele when he was 1 month old...

01:55:50 Diary again...

02:27:57 Eventually I ended up with Gabriele in my hands, as he didn't want to sleep and was driving us crazy.

02:30:16 MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! To much dismay of my mother and sister he slept right away..

02:34:44 And started drooling on my jumper...

02:52:10 Ready to go out!

02:56:30 It looks like if he has to go for a space travel, dressing the baby up takes an average of 12 hours.

01:20:39 This was taken after 3 months from the first visit.

21:37:57 In December he was going to get initiated to the catholic church. Though I am against these kind of things, the picture is class!

06:52:50 Playing with some toys, the cat is not too much interested in what is happening, but kept miaowing because she wanted o sleep...

02:11:34 Roberto and Gabriele on the bed!

02:11:49 Just before crying. I have to say that he used to cry a lot, so this is a typical face in my early memories of Gabriele!