Les Issambres - France

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6th - 20th August 2005 - Holidays at Les Issambres in Cote'Azur

19:26:39 Me, Paola and a 5lt keg of Beer..

19:29:19 Max preparing cocktails.

19:29:43 Marta making pizza.

19:36:17 This is the group without the kids, from left to right we have, Max, Paola, Bogio, Me, Manu, Marta, Sonia and Giovanni.

19:38:28 Me, Francy, Linda and Teto watching TV. We had 6 cartoons tapes, I now know them by heart, as they have been watched over and over again.

20:15:01 The day we had fish we bought this "baby" (4,5kg).

20:15:12 And these little ones.

21:32:50 A nice picture of Bogio and Max, I fiddled a lot with camera settings to get this light effect. No flash was used.

03:48:36 The pool!

03:50:36 A shot of the house.

03:53:13 This is Max's van before we unloaded. As you can see it's packed with all sorts of goods!

04:21:57 This is mine and Marta's flat.

04:44:39 This is the view from our flat.

04:45:11 And the flat itself. Upstairs there was a German couple.

05:49:40 Bogio relaxing in the swimming pool with a glass of wine. AH LUXURY!

06:50:51 Max and Marta posing as firestarters.

06:51:51 The first dinner had this amount of meat in the pipeline.

06:54:16 Manu and a pot.

08:12:31 A nice sunset.

08:13:05 Aftermaths of the first dinner.

03:31:01 Francy while jumping in the pool.

03:31:31 Teto doing the same in a different style.

23:15:52 Bogio and Linda at the beach.

23:15:59 Giovanni, Giacomo (Cummenda) and Sonia at the beach too.

23:18:40 Marta and Francy is a rather saffic picture.

06:01:52 Giacomo up close and personal!

06:02:50 The kids: Teto, Linda, Francy and Giacomo.

06:05:08 Finally a good macro picture of a flower!

04:44:41 Giovanni and Giacomo after the usual water war, poolside.

04:45:11 Max trying to electrocute himself.

04:45:42 Manu (back) is now holding an "Aquajym" lesson (she's a professional trainer).

04:46:38 Teto wanting to die after he shoots me with the water gun.


08:32:44 I had to climb over the roof to take this marvellous shot of the pool with some fiddling on camera settings to avoid flash and darkness.

08:50:43 Bogio and Max blaming each other as they broke the pool net.

08:05:09 A night shot of the house, pool with light and little window.

09:41:11 St.Maxim and a Boa Coscriptor...

22:41:19 Port Grimaud and a parachute.

22:41:36 Port Grimaud was VERY crowded!

22:42:56 Spot the fake window!

22:49:21 A nice selection of curries!

23:19:44 More Port Grimaud action.

01:13:54 Linda wanting to be taliban.

01:18:35 Max and Cummenda enjoying a movie and pretending to be like the Fonz!

10:02:44 The octopus (though it didn't have 8 tentacles)... spooky!

01:47:05 Fighting on the bed.

00:26:15 Me in the pool relaxing...

07:41:44 Another nice sunset.

08:45:44 NOOOOOOOOOOOO tomorrow is going to rain!!!

19:57:59 A view from my flat.

20:01:22 Another one, the sky was sooooo blue that day!

06:26:23 We played a joke on Max (while he was starting the fire), throwing a water bomb from a high window. Unfortunately it didn't connect with Max but with the fire, extinguishing it.

08:16:02 Francy and Salvi.

04:11:40 Cummenda diving.

11:57:07 Moonlight shot over Les Issambres.

04:31:51 Teto diving in an articulate fashion.

07:15:23 Light blades!!

07:15:40 Light blades and some scenery!

07:17:10 Cooking meat.

22:34:55 Me diving, actually flying and falling with style!

05:50:16 Starters at St.Raphael. A Nutella crepe!

06:03:31 Me, Marta and Teto.

06:05:01 The time at St.Raphael was exciting as you can see from this picture!

08:48:58 Linda proudly showing the "gut-sticker" (i.e. sweets very bad for your health) that she acquired that night.

08:49:15 Teto following suit.

21:35:12 Yes yes, me, me!! The ball is mine!! SHOOOTT!

08:45:15 Poolside at night under the full moon.

09:13:54 Max trying to imagine how does it feels to have a longer attachment...

16:07:29 Linda diving with style!

12:02:20 Paola and me fishing... I was almost in the middle of the sea!

12:03:17 Fishing with style looks good in pictures but catches very few fish (actually none)!

17:31:40 Paola and Giovanni had their birthday, here with Linda and Giacomo.

17:17:39 Me and Max throwing Teto in the air, the little guy is so light that we managed to get him up to 2,5mts at least. Falling into the water proved rather painful at times, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

17:19:26 Farncy diving.