Japan April 2005

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Sunday 9th April 2005. Osaka and Hanami.

13:20:09 Sakura... Marvellous.

18:40:57 More sakura-ki and some people enjoying their hanami. (means literally "Looking Flowers", but it's more of a "Contemplate Sakura" kind of meaning)

18:41:50 Some fancy cut pine trees and sakura.

18:42:22 There was a big flower exibition on the way to Osaka-Jo (Osaka Castle).

18:43:43 This guy has a sort of leg-extention. I wonder what is the actual use of this piece of gyzmo. I can understand blades and skates, it does help travelling faster, but THIS?! Maybe it's a new hygineic way to lean on trees "where none has leant before!".

18:44:04 Contemplating involves a lot of eating and drinking beer. Of course this is exactely how the ancestors of moder Japanes would do hanami.

18:50:02 Probably a guard post on the outer walls of the castle.

18:50:43 The road to the main door, it was full of people either selling something or drinking and sleeping.I must be honest it kind of destroyed the poetical view that I have of hanami.

18:54:52 More sakura ki.

18:56:18 I like this constrast between the gentle sakura-ki, the ancient walls of the castle and the newly built skyscraper.It's the contrast that one can live only in Japan, between new and old.

18:56:28 the section of the wall, it runs quite deep and long.

18:56:47 Close up and personal with a flower.

19:00:19 The main entrance, you can see the Osaka Jo in the distance.

19:01:18 More flowers.

19:01:38 Another close pic, this time with the piece of wood in it for good contrast.

19:02:35 The castle!

19:04:36 Castle and flowers. Lovely!

19:05:49 Pink sakura, I think this flower is actually Ume (plum) but I cannot be sure 100%...

19:06:20 The alleged Ume-ki.

19:08:31 Castle with some sakura.

19:10:29 There was a playing ground on the side of the castle.

19:14:07 The outer walls.

19:26:03 You won't believe it but that thing sniffing that guy's arse it's actually a GOAT!! The guy had a lead on the poor animal and it was walking it like a dog!

19:27:25 Nice purpleish flowers!


19:27:25 Little Movie of a nice marionette show puls interesting Japanese girl dancing...