Japan June 2004

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Usual business trip to Japan in June

22:03:37 A view from Century Hyatt in Tokyo.

23:06:48 Kyohei! Kutsunugi san son, tennis champion and definitely cool guy!

23:07:39 Me and Kyohei.

17:35:31 I was in Meji Jingu as usual, and stumbled in this bonsai exhibit.

17:36:55 Bonsai and nice stones...

17:37:25 More small trees.

17:38:08 More Bonsai action.

17:38:28 Let me guess again...

17:39:19 Stones!

17:39:49 Entering Meji Jingu I also came across a wedding cerimony.

17:45:38 Bride and Groom moving along!

17:45:44 More cerimony shots here.

02:09:53 A skyscraper at night from the 24th floor of the hotel.