Hiroshima June 2005

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Friday 3rd - Saturday 4rt June 2005. Had a truly marvellous time in Hiroshima with John and Chie.

Thursday 21:20 Ahhhhh John and Chie together, right in fron of Chie's home.

Thursday 22:49 The policeman did not know the place that Chie was asking for, I thin it was the actual shrine where the festival was meant to take place... DOH!

Thursday 23:08 Some Taiko next to Chie and John.

Friday 01:45 Aaaaaa marvellous 6 pints of beer, brewed onsite (apparently). The green one is a mix of beer and macha (green tea), I was not impressed by it...

Friday 01:46 John is checking that the head on the beers are all at the same level, in order not to spoil the beer tasting experience.

Friday 01:47 Multiple Campai!!!!

Friday 17:35 A monstrous flying whale appeared on a side of the train, but unfortunately my camera switched off before I could take a shot. All I am left with is John and Chie looking at it...

Friday 17:36 Rice field...

Friday 17:50 We eventually got off the train, that is the look of the countryside, quite a change from the usual skyscrapers.

Friday 17:50 More countryside, I liked this little town.

Friday 17:50 John and Chie are leading the way, I amcovering their back just in case the whale comes back...

Friday 17:52 Chie on the mystic river that crossed the fields.

Friday 17:53 A nice Japanese house. I love the way it is built and the trees around it, it reminds me of my home in Japan when Iwas living here...

Friday 17:53 We managed to steal a boat and got downstream a couple of miles hoping to catch the next train in time... ;)

Friday 18:32 Mr.Hawkins is training here... He complained that I took a long time taking the picture, Chie was NOT impressed :)

Friday 18:42 The nice station where we got off and eventually got on the train. No jokes on Tamagotchi please!

Friday 18:43 A view from the track.

Friday 19:43 I forced John and Chie to come to this bridge that I saw of John's homepage. It is a really nice view.

Friday 19:43 Bridge section. I kind of hoped that all the people went away, but I soon realized that I can't have everything...

Friday 19:44 Attempt at an artistic shot of some green+bridge.

Friday 19:44 Almost the entire bridge.

Friday 19:45 We camped under the bridge under this sort of scaffolding (which is actually keeping the contruction together)...

Friday 19:45 Another attempt of an artistic shot, this one is rather poor.. :(

Friday 19:46 Yet again, trees and bridges.

Friday 19:46 The campsite.

Friday 20:06 Shot from the right, I liked the little fake old-Japanese lamp.

Friday 20:06 Bridge and Houses.

Friday 20:20 Chie and John over the bridge.

Friday 20:21 I think that they were humming "supercalifragilispikestiralidosous" while walking...

Friday 20:22 Boats.

Friday 20:23 The bridge without people, rare shot on that day.

Friday 20:24 Chie and John.

Friday 20:24 Unfortunately John got into the picture here, otherwise it would have been a nice shot... Mmmm gonna edit it for sure for my archive!

Friday 20:25 The boats but a little bit closer.

Friday 20:44 John and Chie looking this beautiful flower garden. Every little wooden pole describes a different type of flower.

Friday 20:44 Close shot.

Friday 20:45 I had to lower the camera a bit here, but the effect is nice!

Friday 20:47 Chie and John + flowers.

Friday 20:49 Note the rice-field type plantation. It was the first time that I saw something like that.

Friday 20:51 More flowers shots. I liked the contrast of the f0f0f0 and purple, also because they are the Fiorentina colour (Firenze football team).

Friday 20:55 Typical Japanese house surrounded by green.

Friday 22:46 This deer is a bit of a poser, but the picture is very "gentle".

Friday 22:48 Another deer tired at after the long day spent doing nothing, eating, and harassing the turists. What an hard life!

Friday 22:57 Lamps and the statue that tells us that we are entering the temple area.

Friday 22:58 Myanjima no Umi no tori. Literally: The Myanjima gate of the Ocean. Ithink that that is its name. I tried to get the tree in the middle to get more depth.

Friday 22:58

Friday 23:00 John and Chie in front of what might be their chosen place for the wedding cerimony.

Friday 23:01 We met a racoon, but I only got this shot of it...

Friday 23:05 The temple from the back side.

Friday 23:12 Us near a hollow tree. Funnily enough I was the only one who knew about its exsistance. Chie (who used to live in Myajima) ignored it.. :)

Friday 23:13 John and the tree...

Friday 23:22 I love this shot, wanted to get both the light and the gate, shame for the tree bits and pieces...

Friday 23:22 John while pondering about the real questions in life. Eventually he turned around and told us that he was hungry...

Friday 23:23 More lamps and gate, this time the trees are a feature that I wanted in the shot.

Friday 23:34 The gate from a distance, sun was already fast behind the mountains but the light was still good.

Friday 23:35 Gate at night.

Wednesday 22:51 Okada san (right) and Hiroyama san (left) are the chefs of one of the few places in the world (apart from Italy of course) where I eat spaghetti. The restaurant is in Shinjuku and is called "Al Dente". Many fellow Italians go there, they are truly "maestri" of past making!