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Matteo is getting married and I had to be there... Well I was the Best Man!!!

20:59:28 Simone and Stefano in Piazza della Signoria right before the cerimony.

21:00:33 The groom (Matteo) Esperanza is in the background holding the bouquet.

21:02:19 Marta and Elisa looking unimpressed.

21:03:49 I SESTO SENZA!! This is the group of friends with whom I have shared the joungest years of my life. Each one of them is like a brother to me, it's rather hard to get us all together in the same place, so I guess this picture is quite rare. (Me, Simone, Matteo, Francesco and Stefano)

21:25:18 Sitting in Palazzo Vecchio's Red Room, one of the most exclusive places in the building.

21:34:53 Huge mirror and Matteo standing.

21:35:31 Aren't they nice !? :) Matteo didn't want to take pictures in poses but apparently his mother coerced the newly wedded into doing it!

21:41:13 The ring! It's done, there's no turning back!

21:41:48 Marta and Simone after the cerimony.

21:41:56 Stefano and Matteo's friend (now I can't recollect the name). This guy travelled from Rome to come to the cerimony and then had to go away, quite a trip considering that there are 300kms between the two cities.

21:42:03 Andrea (Matteo's father).

21:42:15 Elisa and Francesco, they might be the next in line for wedding.

22:58:09 The reception place was in the hills aroudn 30 minutes drive from the center of Florence.

23:04:41 Niiiceeee hills!

23:15:13 Some flowers.

23:15:19 People gathering for the food, chit-chatting away.

23:28:01 Stefano, Andrea and Matteo's uncle.

00:14:11 Finally the cook called us in!

00:51:20 The table of Matteo's friends, as you might notice I am not there, just because I was the best man!

00:52:22 There you go! Best man and groom.

00:52:50 Me and Marta sitting next to Matteo.

00:53:57 Again Elisa and Francesco.

02:11:07 Shot of the table of the newly wedded.

03:15:20 The cake!!

03:15:36 Slurp..Smammmmaaaakk..Squisc...

03:16:30 Cutting the cake. Pretty self explanatory.

03:16:55 Another random shot at several friends.

03:19:07 And again.

03:19:27 Champagne!

03:21:09 Me and Matteo.

03:54:56 Me and Simone whith interesting background.

03:56:31 Me, Simone, Stefano, Elisa, Francesco and Marta for a group shot.

03:56:57 I tryed to have an affair with Elisa, unfortunately I blatantly failed!

03:57:47 Me and Marta.

03:58:47 Me and Stefano with Franecsco in the background.

03:59:49 Marta taken by surprise.