30th May 2004 - Monza

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30th May 2004 - Monza. At the races watchingold cars and biking away for a day.

00:53:59 Franci and Linda before leaving for Monza

00:54:06 Manu getting ready as well!

00:54:38 Here is Max with his van. We loaded all the bikes and off we went!

02:28:26 A Cinquecento racing car... No, actually I think I wanted a shot at that Ferrari in the background...

02:45:26 Franci, Teto and Max.

02:46:00 We were standing in front of this curve, the races started, after the second race we were a bit bored as you only get to see this part of the track...

02:47:07 More car action.

02:48:23 And again.

03:25:16 Let me guess...

04:06:57 We managed to sneak into the pit lane boxes and we could see the cars up close.

04:07:55 Ferrari here.

04:08:25 Not sure what this is..

04:10:05 Another red car presumably a ferrari.

04:10:20 This is the Ferrari creston.

04:11:14 Lotus (I think).

04:12:07 This is a formula 3 car (I think).

04:13:28 AHA! Olde Lotusse!

04:13:44 Funny car.

04:16:24 More old racing cars. It's amazing that this people spend time and money to get them in shape to race!

04:17:43 We moved to an exhibition place where more old cars were lying around.

04:18:07 This is another Lotus, plus Teto.

04:18:19 Don't ask what this is!

04:19:13 Woooooo looks very sassy!

04:20:02 Internal parts, it's all matching the chassis.

04:21:54 Ferrari stand.

04:22:33 Never seen this on a Bond Movie!

04:24:15 Mmmm white cars....

04:25:56 We then moved to an American car expo.

04:28:26 Lazzard!!!

04:28:46 How many movies and TV serials did I see with these cars getting wrecked?

04:29:11 40's mafia gang car.

04:30:28 This sone is used for weddings.

04:30:58 Internal bits.

04:31:42 Nice and small!

04:32:45 I'd love to have one of thoose.

04:34:03 Extremely old italian Cars.

04:34:38 Another cinquecento!

04:35:48 A very small car, don't know if it works but it certainly looked "compact".

04:36:09 Side pic.

04:44:20 Ready to race! I managed to go where all the mechanics usually stand when the race finishes and they are cheering!